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Hitch for Hope: Cape Reinga - Bluff, generously supported by UIL

  • EPIC SUCCESS! $54,588 raised through this page for #GumbootFriday - THANK YOU

      6 July 2021
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    On Friday, together with United Industries Ltd, we presented a cheque worth $54,588 to Mike King who received it on behalf of Gumboot Friday. This superceeds our initial target of $50,000, and will help close to 500 youths when they need it the most, ultimately saving lives. Incredible work, team!

    Thank you so much for your support through your generous giving. Every little bit counts!

    Thank you United Industries Ltd, whose group of 12 companies have very generously given to the cause. They have walked the talk, gone the extra mile and matched dollar for dollar the amount raised on Hitch for Hope's Givealittle page. ($27,294 became $54,588!).

    A special thank you to John Williams, Benjamin Hammond, and Salma Sarik of United Industries who have supported us from Day 1. You helped us reach farther than we could have imagined. Thank you for your work, and caring, as you do.

    We are overwhelmed with gratitude and joy; our hearts full. #hitchforhope has been an incredible journey that has transformed us as individuals, and hopefully - made an impact on the beautiful people we have met on the road too.

    *kotahi kapua ki te rangi he marangai ki te whenua.*

    one cloud from the heavens brings rain to all the lands.

    one act from a group of people,

    one moment of listening,

    one person’s teaching,

    has far reaching effects.

    Do the one thing.

    Say hello. Take risks and talk to strangers.

    Smile, and spread the love. ❤

    #hitchforhope #sayhello #GumbootupNZ

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  • Make it Count - Last 24 hours to double your giving!

      1 July 2021
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    We are so, so grateful for the backing of United Industries Ltd, who are walking the talk, and going the extra mile.Thank you so much for all your support, team!

    All donations will be matched till noon tomorrow (July 2nd), where we will be presenting the cheque to Mike King and his team at I AM HOPE.

    So tell your whanau, friends and colleagues - every little bit counts.

    'Kotahi kapua ki te rangi he marangai ki te whenua.'

    One cloud from the heavens brings rain to all the lands.

    You can make a difference.

    Thank you.


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  • Still going!

      19 June 2021

    Thank you for all the support! We are so grateful. Thank you for all the counselling sessions you are gifting to those most in need!

    We will keep running the page till the end of June, as the team make their way up the North Island.

    Next update: The presentation ceremony with I am Hope!

    Thank you!

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  • Team #HitchforHope going for 50k!

      10 June 2021
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    Thank you everyone for all your support and giving so generously! Legends! It spurs us on our mission - much appreciated.

    The team have now decided to hitch back up - meeting more people, having conversations and raising funds for Gumboot Friday. We plan to do this within the next 10 days. With the support of United Industries Limited, we only need to raise $7k to reach the goal of $50k. Please share with your friends.

    Here is a video we made recently:

    We are also in the news!

    Thank you, you are doing a good thing!

    with love,

    Anna, Ben, Dani, Harsha, Megan, Meli, Michelle, Thomas #hitchforhope

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