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Rotorua, Bay Of Plenty

When my husband (Budge) was diagnosed with Parkinson's, our world shifted. To understand why it shifted so much, was the initial diagnosis of Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD), a Parkinson’s Plus disease. This particular news hit us like a storm, ushering in an abundance of uncertainty, and a lot of heartache. We cannot thank our friends and family enough for the support during this time.

However, Budge’s current diagnosis is Parkinson’s, and the CBD remains to be a differential diagnosis in the far distance. So we are not focusing on that for now. That’s a way better space to be.

The diagnosis has forged us to celebrate small and large victories, and to draw strength from each other, which helps us to navigate this difficult journey with hope, determination, and an unbreakable bond. With that said, times like these really pushes you to consider what’s important in life, and what might help our own journey. For me, helping others, helps me, and fundraising for this great cause is one of many things I can do.

Now, as we face these challenges head-on, we are so committed to make a difference. We are fundraising to support Parkinson's New Zealand and provide hope and raise awareness for others. Any and every contribution, no matter how small, brings us one step closer to help others that may endure this rocky road. Join us in this fight, and together, we can make a lasting impact. Thank you!

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Thank you!  18 June 2024

Hello you lovely humans. Just an update to say we so appreciate you and the donations made. There is some great events happening in our community (Rotorua) too. This being, raising awareness and fundraising for Parkinson's NZ. Some of us are busy training for the Auckland run too! Thanks for your love and support. Jo + Budge

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Berni & Dave
Berni & Dave 19 hours ago
Sending you love ❤️
Joanna Price

Love is felt! Thank you sooo much Berni & Dave xxxxx

Joanna Price
Michelle 19 hours ago
Joanna Price

Ohhhh thank you Michelle! What a legend you are! x

Joanna Price
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 19 hours ago
Joanna Price

Thank you so much! Whoever you are, we so appreciate you!

Joanna Price
Guest Donor
Guest Donor 1 day ago
Joanna Price

Wow Paul, thank you so much for your generosity! x

Joanna Price
Ro & Johnny
Ro & Johnny 1 day ago
Joanna Price

Thank you soooo much Ro & Johnny xx

Joanna Price

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