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Help provide comfort and hope for patients and family of patients at Totara Hospice

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For families going through a difficult time.Allowing their loved ones to be in a comfortable environment catering to their needs

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Awareness Free Services In Memory

A couple of years ago my brother passed away from cancer. He was transferred to Totara Hospice to carry out the remainder of his life,with great assistance and care from his wife, the hospice staff and volunteers. All his medical and comfort needs were met, and it also allowed for him and his wife their own privacy and space. The large spaces/rooms also catered to larger number of friends and family who came to visit my brother. It was here where his loved ones witnessed an emotional and heart-felt event, his wedding. It was also here where he left us sadly leaving behind 2 beautiful children. I am thankful and grateful for the service and professionalism provided, where staff and volunteers showed great love, kindness and compassion towards people they've never met. I would like to help give back, and your donations would mean the world to help out with families going through difficult times we faced a couple of years ago. Your donations would help with medical care and any other necessities required for those who are ill.It will also give hope to their families knowing their loved ones are being well looked after.

If I should reach the $1200, I will take on all 3 of the adrenaline challenges set out by Totara Hospice. This will be a frightening experience, but I gladly take on the challenge for a good cause. This I will definitely share with you on Facebook as a testimony to your generosity.

Thank you all for reading this, hopefully it will change your hearts to give (even if it is a little) to help others.

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Ruth Kau


I became involved in memory of my brother, it was also this memory that fuelled my desire to get involved (with the help of your donations of course). These funds do make a difference as it helps to provide the necessities required for the patient's needs and comfort.

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  • Totara Hospice

    Totara Hospice provides specialist palliative care services to the greater South Auckland region. Our community of 450,000+ people is one o

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  • $1,210.00 donated
  • 33 generous donors

$1,210 donated



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