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Join me in my Te Araroa Journey

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The Graeme Dingle Foundation inspires youth of New Zealand. It has inspired me to walk the length of New Zealand along the Te Araroa.

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The Graeme Dingle Foundation inspires youth of New Zealand to improve their lives by setting goals and aspirations for their futures. It takes young people on journeys that are life changing.

My father survived a Death March towards the end of WW2, after a gruelling 100 day march across Poland in the winter, starving and freezing cold. His story inspired me to test my fortitude to walk the length of New Zealand.

When I am out in the wilderness with young people, I reach a state of excitement and the problems of everyday life just drop away. I live in the moment and enjoy the amazing bush, rivers and countryside that New Zealand has to offer. I exist happily with what is on my back, without a house, kitchen or garden that I take for granted at home.

The Graeme Dingle Foundation brings about a better life for anyone who comes into contact with them. Dedicated people work in our communities helping our future generation in these programmes; Kiwi Can, Stars, Career Navigator, Project K and MYND.

Marian Campbell's involvement (page creator)

I am walking the entire Te Araroa to support youth and inspire others to join me

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Completed Richmond Ranges  17 January 2020


After years of hearing about how hard they are I have completed this part of the journey. Finally I admit how proud I am of that achievement, squashing down my inbuilt kiwi humilty.

The terrain is mountainous, making the tracks arduous almost every step. We walked up steep rocky tracks, down sides of cliffs, across narrow slippery scree slopes, clambered around rocky outcrops, jumped over huge boulders for half an hour, trundled through dangerous water crossings and the final insult was down the narrow shoulder of a busy highway into St Arnaud.

The days were long as we wanted to be out as the forecast was dismal. I was particularly slow downhill as I had fallen again on my bruised leg adding insult to injury.

But the excitement and exhilaration of being on top of Mount Rintoul and Mount Ellis made it all worth it. I was so lucky to have Rhydian Lewis with me most of the time. He is an intelligent guy who is so interested in the trees and birds and seems to have an innate knowledge of terrain and navigation. He often had to wait for me and he helped me up those rocky cliffs. Thanks Rhydian.

We are all having a day off today as heavy rain was forecast but off tomorrow down the Waiau valley and through the Nelson lakes district. Apparently also a difficult week to come, but after one has accomplished the Richmonds there's a confidence and resilience built in so I'm looking forward to the upcoming challenges.

The Hematoma is healing but still quite nasty so am doing all the right things with ice, drugs etc.

Thanks so much for all your wonderful comments and interest. It means so much to me as I do miss family and friends.

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  • Diana

    Diana 3 days ago


    Keep on pushing Marion, you are a legend! X


  • Jo

    Jo 3 days ago


    Marian you are so inspiring, we talk often of doing this trip , it looks tough and extreme but I’m sure an incredible experience. ..and all for a very worthy cause. Go Girl , I’m loving following your journey.


  • Claire Baldwin (part of the Dingle team)

    Claire Baldwin (part of the Dingle team) on 08 Jan 2020


    Marion you are so inspiring - what a bruise!


  • Jacqui

    Jacqui on 07 Jan 2020


    The kids and I Loved meeting and talking to you at Pelorus cafe. Safe travels.


  • Josie

    Josie on 03 Jan 2020


    Blessings Marian and safe travelling on this wonderful journey you have chosen.


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$2,834 of $10,000 goal

Given by 42 generous donors in around 5 months

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