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Jumping out of a plane to support Saving Hope Foundation-Facing my fears.

$2,011 of $2,000 goal

Given by 60 generous donors in 12 weeks


Helping puppies and dogs that have no voice and have suffered horrific abuse and neglect, we are their hope, and quite often their lifeline.

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I am terrified of heights always have been, I struggle going up a ladder especially after my head injury. But what I struggle more with is seeing 2 week old puppies left on the side of the road on a cold wet winters night to die. I struggle more with puppies that come into our care that are so malnourished and riddled with fleas you can count every bone in their body. I struggle more with dogs being tied behind a car and dragged along the road. I struggle seeing dogs left chained up in a patch of mud in the rain with no food and shelter abandoned as their owners have moved on. So I am going to face my fears and put my big girls pants on and do this jump out of a plane to raise much needed funds and awareness for these puppies and dogs that have no voice. Please help me overcome my fears and reach my goals, yes you can come and watch to laugh. By donating you can help save a puppy's/dog's life.

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These puppies & dogs have suffered horrific abuse, neglect and abandonment. They have no voice, no love and sometimes no hope. We are their voice and we are their hope.

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  • Skydiving for Saving Hope

    Let's help our furry friends by jumping for an amazing cause. Every dollar raised will go to helping many animals in need.

Latest donations

  • Ian

    Ian on 25 Sep 2019


    Helping with a small hand? You do a remarkable job? Your ASB Award is well deserved?


  • Brenda

    Brenda on 28 Aug 2019


    Thought I would take you over the $2000. Now go for it!!!! I am sure once you are in the air you will enjoy it.


    • Saving Hope Foundation NZ

      Brenda, you are just amazing!! Supporting me not once but twice and fostering all those puppies, you are a legend, thanks so much for all that you do :-)

  • Caitlin

    Caitlin on 26 Aug 2019


    Brave lady! Good luck!!


    • Saving Hope Foundation NZ

      Thanks Caitlin for your support, not sure about the brave part!! :-)

  • Lynne

    Lynne on 26 Aug 2019


    Great cause


    • Saving Hope Foundation NZ

      Thanks so much for your support Lynne, your donation goes a long way to helping puppies in need :-)

  • Linda

    Linda on 26 Aug 2019



    • Saving Hope Foundation NZ

      Hey Linda, thanks so much for your donation and support, it is really appreciated, cheers Tania :-)

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$2,011 of $2,000 goal

Given by 60 generous donors in 12 weeks

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