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Katie Duncan - shaving head for True Colours

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Katie Duncan, a Football Fern who is shaving head prior to Rio Olympics for True Colours charity.

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Hospice Sick Kids

Letting Go...

It’s time to let go!

Let go of my hair.

Let go of my fear.

I’m Katie and I’ve previously thought about shaving my head for charity but have always been in two minds about it. That was until our most recent tour with the Football Ferns...

Our sports psychologist David Galbraith, who has worked with many top-class athletes, took me and my fellow teammates through some extremely thought-provoking mind sessions. He challenged us to look more closely at how we live our lives and how to get the best out of ourselves, especially leading up to the Rio Olympics.

It made me realise that I’m still held back sometimes by self-doubt and fear, both on the field and off it. So I’ve decided that shaving my head is just one step I can take to live more courageously.

I am pleased to not only do this for myself but more importantly for a greater cause. True Colours Children’s Health Trust is a Waikato-based health care organisation, funded entirely by community generosity. My connection is through Cameron, my best friend since primary school. His mother Cynthia Ward founded True Colours. Cynthia is an inspirational nurse specialist who, with her team, supports children with complex serious illness, their whanau and community during a time of need.

I will be shaving my head on the 13th of July at Morph Hair, which has been my local hairdressing studio since I was 12 years old!

I would be really grateful if you can support me on this journey to let go… let go of my hair and let go of my fear!

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I'm Katie Duncan, senior member of the Football Ferns.

All funds raised go to:

“Congratulations Katie for supporting a great cause. Watched it on TV but didn't realize the connection until I saw your Dad and checked your maiden name!! Good luck in Rio.”
“Great work Katie!”
“Great girl, great cause, you look beautiful x”
“Congratulations Katie! Awesome stuff”
“Well done Katie!!!”
“Way to go Katie!”
“So much goodness in one person! You're an inspiration Katie xx”
“So brave Katie. Good luck for Rio”
“Awesome cause and a great advocate for nz sport :)”
“Go you!!!! Good luck for Rio!! Xx”
  • $6,078.00 donated
  • 114 generous donors

$6,078 donated


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