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Kayla chop chop for Starship - Cancer Wigs

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Raising funds for Starship Foundation by cutting off my hair to donate to Freedom Wigs for cancer patients.

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Hi, my name is Kayla, I am thirteen years old and I am really keen to fund raise for Starship Foundation, with the funds to go to Ward 26B. I have a rare syndrome called Auriculo Chondylar Syndrome, my big brother also has this syndrome and we have spent quite a lot of time at Starship, in fact I spent the first six weeks of my life there and had my first operation when I was about 6 hours old to get a tracheotomy.

My fundraiser idea of cutting my hair to get supporters has been endorsed by the awesome team at Starship Foundation.

The doctors & nurses are always really caring and look after all us kids so well that I want to help other families have the same support that me and my family have had.

I am going to be cutting off my hair (around about 45cm) and donating it to Freedom Wigs for cancer patients. This is very special to me as my Nana Meg (who sadly passed away from ovarian cancer) had two wigs that made her look and feel great when she lost her hair after her many rounds of chemotherapy.

A very special lady called Cheryl at Navarjo Hair Design is going to chop it all off and give me a flash new bob.

Thanks to everyone who supports me on this (my very first) fundraising effort.

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Deryn Nield


My life was saved by an awesome team from Starship Hospital and I want to help other families.

All funds raised go to:

  • Starship Foundation

    The Starship Foundation raises funds to provide world-class life saving care for the 130,000 young patients that visit Starship every year.

  • $2,385.00 donated
  • 62 generous donors

$2,385 donated



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