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Laura "Crusher" Cairns- OUSA Charity Fight Night

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Raising funds for Rape Crisis Dunedin and MOSAIC, as a fighter in the upcoming OUSA Charity Boxing Match.

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Dear friends, family, and strangers alike. On July 13th I will be competing in the OUSA Charity Boxing Match. It will be a laugh and a half. And the best part? I get to raise money for two incredible charities in the process.

I am fundraising for two charities, with the proceeds raised being split evenly between them. These are: Rape Crisis Dunedin and MOSAIC.

Rape Crisis Dunedin provides invaluable support to female and gender non-conforming survivors of sexual violence. The issue of sexual violence is a big one in our community and I have had more friends than I would have liked need the services that Rape Crisis provide. One in three women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime, and one in six men will also. These are life-saving, but deeply underfunded services.

Services for male survivors of sexual violence also suffer from underfunding and the work they do is equally important to me. With that in mind, I am also fundraising for MOSAIC (Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse Trust), a support service for male survivors.

So, without further ado, please please please click in the link below and donate what you can. Every little bit helps, a figurative gold coin, the price of your morning coffee, or something with a zero or two on it. It is deeply appreciated.

For more info on MOSAIC:

For more info on Rape Crisis Dunedin:

For a little more information on me and why I chose to sign up and fight, see my fighter bio below.

Fighter Biography:

My name is Laura Cairns. I am a third year BA student, majoring in Politics. My hobbies include: Binging netflix, ordering uber eats multiple times a day, and overcommitting my time to various bleeding heart causes. I spend a lot of my time volunteering or in extracurricular clubs. However, signing up for this fight wasn’t just to add another “good person” tally to my record. Actually, this one is selfishly motivated to the core.

Before heading to the dirty south for University, I was a soldier in the New Zealand Army. Needless to say, I was pretty fit and strong. In fact, I prided myself heavily on being a fit person, because I was conditioned to think that fitness is the pinnacle of success. An unfit soldier is a useless one, right? However, once here I settled far too easily into the lazy student stereotype, forgot what the inside of a gym looked like and put on the fresher five (or more). So, when the OUSA Charity Fight Night application popped up on my timeline, I knew that this would be the kick up the arse I needed to get fit again. If the thought of being punched in the face in front of 300 people isn’t motivation to work out, then nothing ever will be.

This is my redemption hour.

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Sexual Violence is a huge issue in this country and it is one that has affected me personally. Many of my close friends have needed to call on the services provided by Rape Crisis and MOSAIC and I am well aware of how hard they work and how underfunded the services are.

All funds raised benefit:

  • Rape Crisis Dunedin

    Rape Crisis Dunedin supports survivors of rape and sexual abuse and their families and friends through providing free professional counsell

  • $1,263.00 donated
  • 43 generous donors

$1,263 donated

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