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Leanne and Peter's Fight Against Cancer

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Join us and our marathon team in raising money for Gut Cancer on behalf of Leanne MacDonald and Peter Withinshaw!

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Shaun and I along with our team of 45 amazing friends are entering the upcoming Auckland marathon to raise money for the Gut Cancer foundation. With both of our families currently being largely impacted by such a horrible disease, we need your help to fundraise! Unfortunately we all know someone who has been affected with a form of cancer, and with your help we can fight this battle together.

Any amount of donation is hugely appreciated, and we thank you for any help you can provide. Please feel free to read about the charity we have chosen, along with Peter and Leanne's brave stories.

- Alex and Shaun x

"Gastro-intestinal (GI) cancer is the term for cancers of the digestive system, including the oesophagus, stomach, liver, gallbladder, bile ducts, pancreas and bowel. Each year, over 5,000 New Zealanders diagnosed with GI cancer and half of these people will die within five years of diagnosis. It is collectively the most common form of cancer in New Zealand, yet is rarely spoken of.

Despite its prevalence, GI cancer remains under-represented in awareness and funding. We focus on funding clinical research, particularly clinical trials, because they represent the best way to improve outcomes for patients. Clinical trials are the final link in the chain of medical research that take discoveries made in the laboratory and advance them into treatments that can save lives."

- Gut Cancer Foundation

Leanne & Peter's Stories

Peter Withinshaw's Story

In May 2017 I was training for a marathon, and in great health I thought.  A visit to the doctors about some stomach pains was put down to reflux. I was displaying none of the usual signs of bowel cancer but I should have trusted my gut feeling and pushed for a colonoscopy or a second opinion from another doctor. I was only 55, but you’re never too young to get this cancer. Later that year, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer which had now spread to the liver and other surrounding areas. After several operations and many rounds of chemotherapy I am continuing to fight it. Fundraising is critical in this battle against Gut Cancer as we need to raise awareness of it with pushing for more funding along with better and more accessible treatment and getting early diagnosis and testing before it’s too late. Every donation however small, is hugely important. Your support for everyone running or walking in this event to raise money for Gut Cancer is hugely appreciated and will make a real difference in beating this disease. Thank you very much for your support and a big thanks to all those taking part in the event to raise money for Gut cancer!

-Peter Withinshaw

Leanne MacDonald's Story

On behalf of my mum, our story begins amidst level 4 lockdown. My mum Leanne was diagnosed with terminal cancer - a rare, advanced form destroying her gallbladder, bowel and surrounding organs. At the ripe age of 53, she was given up to 12 months to live. Devastated but God willing, our family has rallied around mum and supported her in whatever way we can. She is five months in and one round of chemo down, things are looking positive but we are not out of the woods. Raising money here is a small role we’re playing to influence change and awareness of a fatal disease that affects so many Kiwis. No one expects this to happen to them or their loved ones until it does. So, to play a part in combating such an unforgiving force that is gut cancer, I am stoked to stand alongside 45 of my friends and family to take part in the Auckland ASB marathon. All the love and support means a lot and we hope you can donate to help our cause. ❤️ Cheers


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Raising money for a great cause that is close to my heart.

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