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Lifting for Christchurch

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$5,423 of $450 goal

Given by 58 generous donors in 16 days

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I’m a Kiwi living in Toronto fundraising for the families of the Christchurch shooting victims.

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Since living abroad for nearly 3 years, I’ve never been prouder to be a Kiwi. The Canadians seem to appreciate the humour and values I instill in every day life. But the events of Christchurch have shaken my Kiwi idealism to the core, and there’s a part of my heart that will always be broken by this tragedy. To all those directly affected by this tragedy I want to say I’m sorry that we didn’t listen, and did not protect you. You are Kiwis and you were supposed to be safe. The only way I can help from this distance is by donating to Victim Support in the hope that it may relieve some financial stress on those families directly affected. I am competing in a “Push/Pull” powerlifting competition on March 23, and am aiming to fundraise the amount I intend to lift in total (450lbs across Bench and Deadlift).

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I’m a proud Kiwi living in Toronto, shaken by the recent events in Christchurch and wanting to offer support to my fellow Kiwis back home who are directly affected by this tragedy.

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Lift4Life CPF Meet  27 March 2019

To my supporters,

I just wanted to provide you with an update on the competition and the fundraising efforts.

On Saturday I was able to set a Canadian Record for bench only at 65kg (~145lbs), I attempted 70kg (~150lbs) for my last lift but unfortunately failed that.

With respect to the deadlift, I lifted 130kg (~290lbs). For my third attempt I went for 135kg (~300lbs) which would’ve landed me the Canadian Push/Pull record. I got the bar up, but was penalized for a technicality (hitching), so fell 2.5kg of the Canadian Record in the end.

I’ve decided to compete again in September so I can blast past these records. Thanks to my coaches and friends at CrossFit 6S and Hynes Performance for giving me the confidence to get back out on the platform and put up some competitive numbers.

The real story though is you. Thank you for your kind words and your generous donations. The rapid and positive response to this fundraiser has blown my mind. It’s fair to say there were a lot of emotions felt on Saturday while up on the platform.

In little over a week, we’ve managed to raise $2,403...this will be topped up to over $2,500 by the end of the week.

The money we’ve raised will go some way to cover several months of rent for a victim’s family, travel costs for family members to attend funerals, groceries or counselling (to name a few).

Thank you for your Kiwi spirit. We will remember them.

Kia Kaha.

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  • John C

    John C on 02 Apr 2019


    Congratulations on your personal achievement, but also thank you for highlighting how to make a personal contribution to this cause...


  • Peter D

    Peter D on 02 Apr 2019


    Great idea for a fundraiser Becs!


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    Guest Donor on 01 Apr 2019



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$5,423 of $450 goal

Given by 58 generous donors in 16 days

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