Listen to Survivors. Listen to Victims.

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TW: Listen to survivors, listen to victims; support them, respect them, care for them, be patient with them. Give what you can.


Help support people who are genuinely trying to keep public and private areas safe. Try to be responsible for you own accountability; your actions and inactions. Check behaviour instead of encouraging it by keeping silent. Be aware of those who don't have the language to keep up with debate. Never stop listening to the voices hardest to hear. Ending rape culture is a long term goal, let's help keep the discussion alive.

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Amongst many more-defining qualities, I am a survivor of a violent rape. Depression, anxiety and PTSD have resulted from this event, but I'm on the up and wanting to ween my way off prescribed medication. I'm doing dry July to ween my way off of the self-medicating that I also sometimes do and would really appreciate any help in supporting Rape Crisis Dunedin and Rape Prevention Education. If you can't donate financially and want to help out, click on the links below to find ways in which to volunteer or support your community. These are two important and underfunded charitable organisations that need any support you're willing to give. Please note that Rape Crisis Dunedin are taking steps to redefine the language and policies used in their services to be non-binary and trans inclusive.

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Thanks for doing this xx
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Alex Cameron on 31 Jul 2016
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Thanks for doing this Rachael <3

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This campaign started on 16 Jun 2016 and ended on 31 Jul 2016.