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LOCHIES 40 days skiing for Cardrona’s 40th to raise money for the Cancer Society

  • The Naylor Love Cancer Society Ball

      17 October 2020

    Last Saturday night Lochie was invited to

    The Naylor Love Cancer Society Ball to be a guest speaker.

    He loved it and done very well

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  • Day 40 and what a day it was $10,500 Raised so far

      10 October 2020

    Well Lochie has hit 40 days and he had a crew of people with him to get it done.

    A surprise trip in a helicopter from Wanaka Helicopters 🚁 then some laps down the hill with the Cancer Society and the Cardrona crew

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  • Lochie heading to the lift for his 500th lap down the hill along with the Newshub film crew

      20 September 2020
    Main image

    Well Lochie has hit 500 laps down the slopes and 100,000 vertical meters traveled

    This week Lochie had the Newshub crew out with him doing laps down the hill to get some footage for a upcoming news story on his challenge

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    • 21/09/2020 by Adraian

      Well done Lochie

      Such a caring wee lad.

      Also well done to Dad Luke for taking him up the mountain.

      Great achievement.... Mum ( Rebecca)is very proud of you too.

      As we are...

      Auntie Adraian & Uncle Martin xx

  • Day 31 Powder day

      7 September 2020
    Main image

    Well day 31 is done and so far over $3500 raised,

    This weekend Lochie was super excited to be skiing on fresh powder snow ❄️ At Cardrona so far he has skied 88,155 vertical meters and 464 runs done the slopes.

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  • Day 27 and a day in the cloud @Cardrona

      24 August 2020

    Well another big weekend done, Lochie’s aim is to get 30 days done by the end of August then all going well the weekend of 19 September he will hit the 40 days

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  • Days 23 - 24 - 25 done and dusted

      17 August 2020
    Main image

    Another big 3 days this week @ Cardrona, thank you all for your support over the last 25 days it means a lot.

    As you all know Lochie has met a lot of the Cardrona crew over the last 25 days, the below photo is of Lochies favourite Ski patrol member Luke. He’s a real awesome bloke and is always keeping a eye on Lochie to make sure he is safe and well on the slopes

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  • Day 22 learning in the jump park

      9 August 2020

    Today marks day 22 of 40 days and Lochie was super proud of himself for getting some air on the jumps, I asked Lochie the other day how much he wants to raise for the Cancer Society he said a trillion dollars, I asked why do you want to raise that much because that’s a lot of money he replied with so I can help lots of Mum’s and Dad’s

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  • A surprise for Lochie for his halfway point

      6 August 2020
    Main image

    The team at Metro Grafix & Design came up with this surprise for Lochie to mark his half way point. He was super excited when he walked around the corner and saw it on the back of my Ute

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  • Half way there 20 days done

      2 August 2020
    Main image

    Well today marks day 20, Lochie had another awesome weekend skiing at Cardrona and catching up with more of his mates from the Cardrona crew, I asked Lochie what’s been the best bit so far he said meeting new friends if you see him about make sure you come and say hi.

    The highlight of his weekend was meeting his favourite NZ skier Nico Porteous, it made his day Lochie was amped after catching up with him.

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  • Almost half way

      26 July 2020
    Main image

    Well Lochie had another good 2 days skiing this weekend, clocking up 35 laps right across all the main slopes at Cardrona,

    Today Lochie got the chance to catch up with Bridget the GM for Cardrona and also had a interview with Joanna from the Wanaka Sun stay turned for more updates

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  • Lochie is back to School

      21 July 2020
    Main image

    Gday team

    Lochie is back to school this week so his plan is to ski each weekend over the coming weeks, he got home from school today asking can we go to Cardrona tomorrow please dad it’s a powder day lol, My reply I think we will have to ask your principal Mrs Brooks.

    Lochie wants to say a big thank you for all the support so far, he is supper excited each time a donation comes in.

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  • Lochie’s distance so far @ Cardrona

      19 July 2020
    Main image

    The team at Cardrona have this awesome system for keeping track of your distance covering the slopes and how many runs you have done from your lift pass card log in to your Cardrona pass to check it out.

    Here is Lochie’s stats so far for his 40 days

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  • Morning rest break with Lochie and Kahlee‘s favourite person @Cardrona nana Carol

      18 July 2020
    Main image

    The kids love seeing Carol each day at Cardrona she is awesome with all the kids and she does a wicked job around the Cardrona base, each morning heading up the hill Lochie will ask me is Nana Carol here today

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  • Day 15

      17 July 2020
    Main image

    Lochie is cutting the lines @ Cardrona, so far he’s up to day 15, he’s getting to know the awesome Cardrona crew each day of his challenge it’s hard case everywhere we go along the slopes I hear someone call out hey Lochie, as for dad my body is starting to get sore but when you have a kid with the go get it done attitude out in front Setting a challenge like this it’s easy to forget about a few aches and pains and get my job done of being his pit crew over the 40 days

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