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Everest Mailrun Challenge

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Non-stop record run attempt over 320 kilometres from Everest Base Camp in Nepal to the capital Kathmandu.

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My name is Jamie Mackenzie and I am planning to repeat this challenge again this year after almost succeeding in the record attempt last year.

I have decided to use the same page as last year as the need for funds for the Himalayan Trust is still very relevant.

I am proposing to run 320 kilometres from Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal all the way to the capital Kathmandu in an attempt to break the fastest known time for the distance - currently 63 hours and 8 minutes in one continuous run. The run will start in late May 2017.

The aim is to raise funds for The Himalayan Trust to go towards its health and education projects in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal.

The run follows an established route called the Everest Mailrun.

It is extreme by most standards, as the start is at 5,360 metres altitude, where the air has 50% less oxygen than at sea level, and the route includes more than 10,000 metres of ascent and 14,000 metres of descent.

The Mailrun route was used by Sherpas to transport letters on foot from climbing teams on Everest to Kathmandu and the wider world. News of the first Everest summit on May 29, 1953 by Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the world this way, as a runner was despatched from Base Camp with a coded message - this was probably the last time news of a major event was delivered this way.

I hope you feel the attempt and cause are worthy of a little of your support, and thank you for the time taken to visit this page. Every penny, cent, euro or kroner donated goes to the Himalayan Trust.

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Jamie Mackenzie



All funds raised go to:

  • Himalayan Trust

    Founded in the 1960s by Sir Ed, the Himalayan Trust works to empower communities and reduce poverty in the Everest region of Nepal.

“Go Jamie! I believe in you mate . You are a legend. Steve”
“Jamie, This is all so incredibly impressive - both the attempt at a world record ans also the fund raising for such a good cause. Best of luck!”
“Good luck, Jamie!”
“Very impressive Jamie and good on you. Great memories of that trip and those lovely people.”
“This is great idea! And if anyone can break this record, you can.”
“What an amazing run to do. I am still in shock just thinking about it. Very best of luck on 29-31 May. You will have a lot of people praying for you Jamie !”
“Good work as usual bud”
“Good luck James, your Highland heritage will see you through!”
“Jamie , This is so Crazy that I'm donating just because you thought of it. If you want to just spent the cash on drink or maybe just squander it I'd be ok with that. All the best I'm watching your Facebook page just see what happens next. Stu”
  • $7,930.96 donated
  • 66 generous donors

$7,931 donated

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