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Mike Lloyd's 2015 New York Marathon

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Achilles International's goal is to help disabled athletes to compete alongside able bodied athletes. Give a little to help them.

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Disability Marathon

Hi. I'm Mike from Auckland, New Zealand. I am blind and have Parkinson's Disease and am training hard towards completing my seventh New York City Marathon with the 2015 Achilles New Zealand team on Sunday 1 November.

The NYC Marathon has been a life changing event for me on so many levels and it is my aim to share this experience to assist, encourage and inspire other people with a disability that dreams are achievable if you take action to overcome adversity. I believe that at some point in your life, you need to stop getting over it, and start getting on with it.

I enthusiastically invest a lot of my non-work time and effort into promoting disability sport via Achilles New Zealand and Blind Sport New Zealand. I also produce "The Blind Sport Podcast", which is an online audio show about a variety of sporting topics for the blind.

I plan to record much of the marathon experience before, during and after the event for a podcast episode found at Your support will help me spread my message of "Get on with it" world wide.

I am very aware that there is no escaping the fact that my completing of this year's New York City marathon in November will take even more focus, discipline and effort than ever before, in order to cross the finish line and collect that medal. As a blind runner, I have got use to the added adaptations required to run, but with the ongoing progression of my Parkinson's symptoms, this running business is "kind of starting to get interesting". As if running a 42.2km (26.2 mile) marathon alongside 50,000 other runners wasn't tough enough by itself?

As a runner with these extra challenges, this goal is only achievable via the amazing guiding, coaching and support of my running guides, Achilles New Zealand and generous sponsors. I am truly thankful for the efforts of these amazing friends and supporters. You guys are incredible.

You too can make a difference. Please donate here, and help to sponsor and support myself and Achilles New Zealand to positively influence, motivate and change the lives of others. Flights, hotels and associated travel costs all add up, so every bit helps.

I very much value and appreciate your support. Thanks so much, Mike

Go Achilles! And New York, Watch out, Here we come!

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Achilles NZ provides kiwis with disabilities the opportunity to participate alongside able-bodied athletes in mainstream events around New Zealand and at high-profile international events.

All funds raised go to:

  • Achilles International New Zealand

    Achilles International's worldwide mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events.

“Mike, you truly are an inspiration.”
“Ran past Mike while I was doing the Taupo Marathon last weekend, he is so very inspirational and I wish him all the very best for New York 2015.”
“Good luck training Mike and have fun! Can't wait to have you back in NYC in 6 short months.”
“Go Mike! Run hard.”
“Love your podcast Mike. Amazing stuff. Enjoy the training and celebrate the marathon. Frank”
“Go for it Mike! You're doing great work. Go Achilles!”
  • $423.00 donated
  • 8 generous donors

$423 donated


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