Mothers Matter PND Support Group 2015

$835 of $30,000 goal
Given by 8 generous donors in 8 weeks

Mothers Matter PND Support Group does not have funds to see through 2015. Please help us. From the babies/toddlers at group help our Mums!


Mothers Matter Postnatal Depression Support Group is based in Christchurch and has been running for 2 years now.

We have supported 76 Mums and 98 babies/children through support group.

We have a Facilitator, a Child/Volunteer Coordinator and a pool of 8 Volunteers who are all Police checked and have a passion to support Mums with PND.

We run 42 groups a year.

One term costs $5000 to run.

Volunteers put in about 746 hours plus per year.

Afternoon tea is provided for the Mums and the Children in group no one leaves hungry.

Babies/Toddlers enjoy lots of age appropriate play/ activities while they are at group.

Who is the group for?

Canterbury mums with child/children under 5, experiencing Postnatal Depression (PND) and/or related anxiety disorders.  The group is Facilitated/Coordinated by a mum who has "been there and done that" a Childcare/Volunteer Facilitator and an amazing team of volunteers to look after babies and pre-schoolers.

When and where TBA

Thursdays, Christchurch City.

Please note we do not run over the school holidays.

Group aims.

To provide a safe place to meet for mothers who are suffering from PND, anxiety or related conditions

To provide a sense of normality about what you are experiencing

To gain a better understanding of what stresses you, and how to manage those stressors

To develop problem solving skills

To discover how to observe the needs of your young child/children

To encourage networking with other mums and care givers who are struggling

To identify ways to get help within the community

Most importantly, to have some fun!

Some comments from Mums in group..

2013 I feel safe I can take my mask off at group

2013 Sonya treats us with respect

2013 Sonya gets it and doesn't judge any of us

2014 This group saved my life!!!!!

2014 I can cry and its OK

2014 I didn't want to be here anymore Mothers Matter have made me see the light at the end of the tunnel

2014 Its fantastic to be able to meet other Mothers going through mental illness.

2014 Not being judged!

2014 This support group is like family

2015 Please please I need support group my baby is to old for DHB services as they cut off at 12mths and there is no other support for me with a baby at 13mths!!!

Please we need as much support as we can get. Your donation will go directly to Mothers Matter PND Support Group 2015.

Mothers Matter PND Support Group 2015's involvement (page creator)

My name is Sonya Watson I am a Mum with a passion to support Christchurch Mums.

I have worked extremely hard to get this group up and running over the past 2 years and now we just don't have the funds to continue.

Mothers Matter have support so many Mums and their babies and I know there are so many more out there. Unfortunately its always hard finding money for depression let alone postnatal depression.

Lots of people/businesses just don't want to know.

Please we need your support today to help us support our Mums here in Christchurch. You may even save a life of a Mother by doing this. Thank you so much Sonya.

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Thank You  2 February 2015

Thank you for your donations so far we are up to $670 which is outstanding. Big Thanks

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Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 08 Feb 2015
Keep up the GREAT work. Thanks
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 05 Feb 2015
Judy on 03 Feb 2015
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 03 Feb 2015
Grateful mummy
Grateful mummy on 02 Feb 2015
i hope more people will donate to mothers matter because it is so important what they do to help mums and babies . I will never forget ur kindness and support .
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