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New Zealand Sh*tposting Suicide prevention Campaign

$5,370 donated

Given by 358 generous donors in 4 weeks


We have decided to start a Give a Little to raise awareness of mental health problems and the ways that you can make a difference...

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NZSA Suicide awareness campaign.

After careful planning and consideration, myself and several other pages have banded together to raise awareness for one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in New Zealand teens. Suicide. Suicide is a topic that should be treated with alot more care and awareness then it is currently receiving. Countless organisations have been tirelessly working to make sure that those afflicted with suicidal thoughts get the support that they need. Whether it affects you or not. Suicide is a part of our culture. Lots of us admins have had personal experiences with friends, family and loved ones who have lost the war against themselves. You may have had someone you know have these thoughts, you yourself may have battled with them. There are ways that we can help people who are fighting these thoughts. And the main one is talking. Tell someone you trust what you are going through. See a therapist or other trained professional or if you feel the need. Flick our pages a message, behind each page is a person just like you. Who cares about the lives of others. Who cares about you.

We have decided to start a Give a Little to raise awareness of this issue and the ways that you can make a difference. We have decided to send all the donations to the I am Hope foundation and to entice you we have set up a list of milestone rewards for every $200 raised. Each of the pages have offered up a reward and the rewards are as follows

$100– Naans and Yarns

$200 – Flex offender will get a mullet shaved.

$400 – Bro, what in actual tarnation admin 2 will Dye his hair blue

$600 – Thotmin and Co. will get a Thotmin ass tattoo

$800 – Bro, what in actual tarnation admin will get a BWIAT tattoo

$1000 – Brett Lee Yelling Howzatt admins all do a yardie.

$1200 – Special Carposting drift video will be released.

$1400 – Could Be Keen Face reveal

$1600 – Signed Peter Drummond Bar 101 photo giveaway

$1800 –Yeah The Hecken Girls UE wonderboom giveaway

We love you all, Thankyou for taking the time to read this and especially thankyou if you donate.

Cheers - Bro what in actual tarnation admin 2.

Bro what in actual Tarnation's involvement (page creator)

We want to raise money to help people who are dealing with issues related to mental health and for those who are dealing with suicide.

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$5,370 donated

Given by 358 generous donors in 4 weeks

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