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Oh Mumma, you can...

  • It's Fight Week baby!

      26 September 2022
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    If you follow me on social media (instagram @joelle_legg) you will have seen the incredibly intense training coach Albie has put us through.

    It involved training Friday night/Saturday morning from 12am until 3am, followed by running sand dunes and sparring in the sand VERY early on Sunday morning (ummm what clock change!). All to test and challenge our mental and physical strength - i LOVED it!

    This week the intensity continues with sprints, skills and sparring Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night before tapering to more gentle movement and mental preparation ahead of Saturday night.

    It's mental health awareness week here in NZ and my youngest son also has his final day at Kindergarten which feels like an end to a chapter which I early on was a very challenging part of my life, I am grateful for all of it because of where I am today. I can not WAIT to step into the ring on Saturday night to celebrate how far I have come and to represent every beautiful woman who may be where I was to remind them how strong, beautiful, and incredibly powerful they are.

    The photos are of my team lead by coach Albie Roebeck: 3 of us in this team are participating in the Fit In Fight challenge on Saturday night.

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    • 27/09/2022 by Andy

      Awesome effort!! Keep on smashing it and good luck for Saturday!!!

    • 28/09/2022 by Tash Lawrence

      All the best beautiful human. You’ve already achieved so much. A champion already.

      AJ - “Love you. I hope that you have a nice day at boxing and if you want you can smash it like Hulk”

  • 2 Weeks to go... actually a little less!

      19 September 2022
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    My goodness I am so incredibly grateful for the support I am receiving on what has been a true rollercoaster of a journey this past 6 weeks.

    The training has been intense, the learning another level, but it has been worth every bit of sweat, tears (they've appeared a couple of times), laugh, early start, late night.

    It's not just a physical challenge but extremely mental - getting out of my head and remaining calm when someone is punching you, you're trying to execute your game plan, your hot, sweaty and tired is like nothing else. BUT I have overcome hard things before, and not that I should compare but this is easy compared to the battle I face postnatally with depression and anxiety. So I HAVE GOT THIS.

    Appreciate every kind word, every dollar, every hug along the way.

    Should you be in Auckland and would like to come along I would love to have you there. All event info is here:

    My favourite feature of my new boxing kit... my pretty mouthguard (no head punches involved but safety is taken very seriously).

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