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Participating in Classic 100 Northland 2024 (previously 90 More Miles)


90 More Miles is back for 2024 with a new name - introducing Classic 100!

We are completing 100km over the month of March to raise vital funding for our mates at North Haven Hospice.

Registrations are now open, join us for the best year yet! Be one of the first to register to get the sought-after event shirt (first 150 registrations only).

Dust of your runners, encourage your friends/whanau/colleagues to join and register now via the link below!


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And Then We Were Done  3 April 2024

And that is it, 100km done and dusted

Having a (delicious) pub lunch a mere couple hours before embarking on the last 10km did not register the warning needs it should have, and as you know exercise accelerates the digestive process, and I already possess a rather efficient digestive system as it is

Feeling chipper and full of confidence, I strutted off to complete the task I had drunkenly given myself all those many moons ago, started well and was enjoying the cool wind and warm sun

I was but a mere 3km from home when the warning bells went off, a deep need in the pit of my stomach…that was it, the beacons were lit, Gondor's aid was called for

Determined to finish the 10 I trudged on, an observer to the battle being waged between the strength of my nether-orifice and the biological imperative to evacuate

With the last km to go I was confident, could see the line and me being there in one piece but it took only seconds for my body to remind me how foolish I was

Voldemort was about to exit the chamber of secrets

With a waddle that can only be likened to Dick Van Dykes penguin dance in Mary Poppins, I squeaked to the front door with only enough time for the most basic of preparations before becoming one with the universe

But it is complete and lessons have been learnt.

Thank you to everyone who supported me, I’m absolutely rapt I finished it!

Love the work from our Northland whanau, great initiative and delivers to a great cause.

Bring on next year

Old Diesel signing off

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Participating in

Classic 100 Northland 2024 (previously 90 More Miles)

Join the Classic Builders 'Classic 100' challenge for 2024! Walk 100km in 31 days to raise money for North Haven Hospice.

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Kylee on 04 Apr 2024
Well done Shreky! That last post had me snorting haha
Keir on 01 Apr 2024
Well done Bro
Callum Armstrong

Cheers brother, appreciate it mate - wee belter!

Callum Armstrong
Elyse on 31 Mar 2024
Callum Armstrong

What a legend, cheers ow!

Callum Armstrong
callum on 29 Mar 2024
nice work mate
Callum Armstrong

Thanks bud!

Callum Armstrong
Amy on 26 Mar 2024
Callum Armstrong

Thanks Amy!

Callum Armstrong

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