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From the 4th - 15th of November 2020 I will walk the Otago Central Rail Trail while raising funds for the Brain Injury Association Otago.


From the 4th - 15th of November 2020 I (Amy Telfer Chiles) wiill walk the 152 km Otago Central Rail Trail to raise funds for the Brain Injury Association Otago.

The journey will be a challenge taking 12 days. The hardest part will be walking day after day. Tiredness resulting from my brain injury will be my biggest enemy. The days are planned around an average of 15 km per day - I will push myself to the limit but it's a distance I know I can achieve. A couple of days are longer and a couple are quite short. I’ve popped a rest day in the middle as I’m aware my body will need this. I feel confident in my schedule and its achievability.


25 years ago, at 16 years old, I received a traumatic brain injury during a car accident.

After 10 days in a coma I awoke to a completely new way of life. I do not remember waking up but I do remember the sounds and smells, tubes and wires. My body felt heavy and I was paralysed down my left side.

The following weeks and months were spent learning how to live again. This included lots of occupational, physio and speech therapy while learning how to speak, eat, swallow and adjust to life with a disability, chronic fatigue and confusion.

Pretty quickly I regained enough strength and movement in my left leg to learn to walk again. When learning to walk again the simple task of putting one foot after the other was incredibly difficult.

Despite years and years of physio I did not regain full use of my hand or fingers. However it is what it is and I am incredibly privileged to have regained the amount of movement I have.

In the early days adjusting to having a physical disability was hard. Everything had to be learnt again - how to prepare food, tie shoelaces, do up zips, tie back hair, everything. How I did things needed to be adapted.

Years on all of the adaptations are second nature and undertaken without thought. I prefer to look for a way to do something rather than a reason to avoid it.

These days for me living with brain injury means being tired. Most of the time I am tired. My party trick is yawning on demand, and not because I’m bored!!

I am very lucky that I know when I need to stop, meaning my tiredness does not get in the way of my safety or that of others.

I have an incredibly supportive and understanding family. My husband, 2 children and niece are there to back me up in all I do.


All funds raised will go to the Brain Injury Association Otago - an organisation I have been involved with for many many years.

The Brain Injury Association provides support, advocacy, and education in order to promote quality life that maximizes potential, choice and independence for people affected by brain injury.

The Brain Injury Association provide a free and independent service throughout the entire Otago area.

The service provides an ongoing link for those with brain injury in the community as they struggle to rebuild their lives after brain injury. Individuals, agencies and medical providers can refer to the service.

Amy Telfer Chiles' involvement (page creator)

I have been involved with the Brain Injury Association Otago for many years. The Brain Injury Association Otago has provided me with much fellowship, information and advice over the years.

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Thank you to you all  1 December 2020

he Give a Little page closed yesterday - with donations at $1316!!

Thankyou so much to everybody who donated to the page, donated by way of on trail support or who gave me encouragement.

Fun facts:

Favourite day - day 5. Lauder to Oturehua, 22.5 km. The weather was nice and cool, with lots of drizzle and snow on the hill tops, I loved walking in the cooler weather. Poolburn tunnels and the viduct were amazing. A few NZ Falcons in the area to see as well.

Hardest day - day 10. Kokonga to Hyde (14.5 km). Wasn't the longest day but due to shuttle times I didn't start walking to after lunch - meaning the heat was already well into the 20's. In the hot sun and long stretches with no shade I really stuggled.

Memorable moment - when an entire paddock of cows (near Oturehua) followed me along the fenceline, whenever I stopped to look at them they stopped, then started when I started again.

Injuries - none except a blister.

Biggest dissapointment - spending ages at Galloway Station looking in the special rock garden (designed for skinks) and seeing none.

Best sighting - an unexpected skink at Kokonga Station!!

Hares - these are the weirdest thing to watch running. They don't really hop like rabiits, they seam to get up on all 4 legs and run almost like a cat!!

Most stressfull moment - when I realised I dropped my phone (thankyou to the bikers that picked it up!!!).

What I learnt - people are amazing!! The generosity and kindness of people has blown me away.

Thankyou to everyone who supported me on this journey - you are incredible :-)

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Emma on 16 Nov 2020
Awesome job Amy!!
Campbell family.
Campbell family. on 16 Nov 2020
Your such an inspiration young lady.
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Nov 2020
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 15 Nov 2020
Carla on 13 Nov 2020
You go girl!!

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