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My name is Gareth Owston-Doyle i am walking the Te Araroa Trail, The 3000km track to raise money to support Fostering Kids NZ.

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I am walking the length of New Zealand down the Te Araroa Trail (TAT). The 3000km route stretches from Cape Reinga in the North of New Zealand to the Bluff in the South and I will be walking for five months.

I am walking to raise money for Fostering Kids New Zealand (http://fosteringkids.org.nz/).

I have watched a special family I know raising three foster kids and have seen for myself what an incredible difference they make for the children they are caring for and how important the support that they receive is.

I have been inspired by the amazing work that Fostering Kids NZ does to support all foster families and the children they are nurturing. Children in foster care generally come from a background of abuse and neglect. They are some of this country’s most vulnerable kids. Because of their experiences, these children can have challenging behaviours – and being a foster parent to these kids can be tough. Fostering Kids NZ provides support, professional development training and on-the-ground help to thousands of fostering families so they can provide a safe, loving and stable home for as long as the child needs it.

My employer Fulton Hogan is supporting me in my endeavour but I need your support too. Please help me to support Fostering Kids NZ, Whether you are an individual, a business or another organisation, together we can help transform lives!

“I was truly ready to hand my foster son back as I just could not find the energy to fight anymore. The support of Fostering Kids gave me the energy and confidence to keep going. The results have been the best for all and we are still supporting our foster son and his family and loving every minute of it again.” – Foster parent

“It’s because of my foster family, and because of people like Fostering Kids, and people like you, that I’ve been able to grow up the way I have, and I thank every one of you.” – Fostered

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Gareth Owston-Doyle


i have seen how trying it can be to raise fostered children in NZ and the support Fostering Kids NZ give is priceless I'm just trying to help to give theres children the best future possible.

All funds raised benefit:

  • Fostering Kids

    Fostering Kids New Zealand works in partnership to help foster carers support some of our country's most vulnerable chidren and young people

  • $13,886.00 donated
  • 117 generous donors

$13,886 donated

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