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💛 Blake's 14th Birthday - a donation in his memory to help make a difference 💛

  • How Do We Thank You Enough...     16 July 2021
    Posted by: Tash Dalley

    Overwhelmed, Mind-Blown, Grateful.

    Grateful to our very core.

    Thank you so very much to all of the beautiful people making a difference.

    This is YOUR work - take a look at what you are doing for our children's mental health 💛 we are humbled.

    Your generosity has brought us to our knees. We are sitting here right now with tears streaming down our faces.

    It is bittersweet, we shouldn't have to fundraise for this - we shouldn't be losing our children to suicide. But we are.

    Very early on after Blake left us, we vowed to do whatever we could to prevent another child from struggling, another family from travelling this heartbreaking journey.

    What started off as putting Blake's birthday money to a good cause, has grown beyond our belief. Because of you.

    Thank you is not enough. But there are no other words. Thank You for remembering Blake, for donating, for sharing, for helping our youth, and for all of your support while we walk our new path.

    And Thank You Mike King for being the strong voice NZ'ers need right now.

    Much love and appreciation - Tash, Seaton, Clayton, Mitchell, Aidan, Mason, Elise, and Brooke xxx

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