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R&R Relay for Refuge

  • Relay for Refuge is complete

      26 August 2021

    Our R&R Relay for Refuge page has officially closed. The Hall raised $5070 for Women's Refuge NZ, which will be distributed around Aotearoa to their respective branches. When deciding on a charity, one thing that was important to us was that it would impact beyond just Ōtautahi, Christchurch, as while that is where we are based, we recognise our students travel from all around Aotearoa so our charity should reflect that.

    The idea stemmed from Catie, who was wondering how she could run her 30km in training for a marathon while we were in our bubble. Josh and Will extended the idea to a day-relay-run around the hall, and then Joel, a Tutor, jokingly said we should do it for the 72 hours of level 4... and well... the students picked up this idea and literally ran with it. At 11pm (T-Minus 1 hour until lockdown) Will gathered up a group of students to start the graveyard shift and it never stopped. While our numbers dwindled from 193 students to 65, the pace continued and the student's walked/ran/biked/skated over 2000km in the 72 hours!

    For some students, namely Josh C, Alex, Daniel the shifts never ended and the sleep hours became very minimal. Alex celebrated his birthday with a 2am-7am shift which I am sure he will remember for the rest of his life. We had people getting towed on boogie boards (good work Maddi), Greta whipped out the roller blades and unfortunately they couldn't convince the tutors to let them on the shopping trolleys (sorry Hazel, Leah and Maia).

    This relay brought so much life to the hall and helped the students push through what was a very confusing time in their lives. Although there were a few setbacks, they should be extremely proud of coming together in an uncertain time for a greater cause and finishing the 72 hours.

    Thank you to everyone who has donated in this time, we understand how fortunate we are at R&R and how lockdown has impacted people around the country. The donations, regardless of value, were all amazing and helped us achieve well beyond our goal. Stay safe in your bubbles, and please call out if you need help.

    Women's Refuge Crisisline: 0800 REFUGE or 0800 733 843

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  • 12am 21st August

      21 August 2021
    Main image

    Here is a wee celebratory photo that we got when we finished off the relay for all the supporters :) Appropriately social distancing of course!

    Update: give a little keeps reducing the quality of the photo but you get the idea!

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  • 72 Hours Complete

      21 August 2021
    Main image

    As the 72 hours came to an end, the atmosphere was even more lively than we we began. A large group of students walked/ran/skate boarded/biked the last hour and finished it off in celebration. Now, the main focus for the students is to catch up on some lost sleep and get back into a good routine.

    The hall estimates 1004 individual laps were completed over the 72 hours, or 2008km. The students achieved over the length of New Zealand in the 72 hour relay which is something we are incredibly impressed by and I know they will remember for years to come.

    As of the 72 hour mark we also were able to raise $3685 for Women's Refuge which well exceeds our expectations. Thank you to everyone who donated, we understand it is difficult times for many and the fact many of you donated means a lot to us and many vulnerable families around NZ. The page will be officially open for another 4 days so hopefully in that time we can reach $4000!

    Attached is a strava which we handed around for the latter half of the relay for refuge! Hope you enjoy.

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  • $2000!

      19 August 2021
    Main image

    Wow, the Hall cannot believe we have raised over $2000 in a day of fundraising. Thank you everyone for our continued support.

    Today was tough with our limited students, and even more so considering a large group of people have been taking on 2-3 hour stints in the middle of the night (special thanks to Alex, Josh, Daniel, Fergus, Maia)

    The last 24 hours is forecasted to consist of rain, but this doesn't seem to be phasing the many students who are still signing up for the final stint of our fundraiser.

    We estimate we are up to 300km as a group, or 900km individually! Amazing work from the team

    Attached is an example of our strava map from one of our students showing the run within our hall boundaries.

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  • We are back on!

      19 August 2021

    After a 6 hr pause, R&R students are back on the relay!

    As we draw closer to the 48hr period that student's have to leave by, it means our team is progressively getting smaller. We expect the team to be down to 70 students from the Hall left to finish the last 30 hours of the relay.

    Some special shout outs to Daniel Kilbride for completing over 100 laps (50km) yesterday, and many other students for reaching 30km.

    While we expect the exhaustion levels to hit and distances to slow, the student's are still enthusiastic to complete the last half of the event.

    Thank you all for the kind donations which helps fuel the students motivations.

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    • 19/08/2021 by Tiffany

      Well done Team 👍❤️

  • Complications

      19 August 2021

    Kia ora followers,

    At 2am this morning unfortunately our Relay for Refuge had to be placed on hold due to concerns from local police officers. At this point students had been running for 26 hours, but have to stop until further notice.

    We thank everyone for their current support and donations. We hope to be back on track soon for this fundraiser but understand this may not be a possibility.

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  • First 22 Hours

      19 August 2021

    Now I do apologise, this update is for the first 22 hours of the relay as I did not stay up late enough to get the final 24 hour talley.

    In saying that, the first day of Relay for Relief has seen the Hall eager to get involved. Will Tidswell, an amazing student and resident runner, has taken charge with leading the students. He managed to fill the graveyard shifts easily, with groups of students committing to run/walk at all the times us tutors thought we would get forced to fill.

    As of 10pm, 18th August 372 laps had been run around R&R which is 186km. To our calculations, an average of 3 people were walking at a time making the estimated total of 558km individually!

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