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n Assignment that leaves a great mark. A donation here helps raise funds for Mercy Ships NZ and helps me in my degree at UOW!


A donation here goes directly to Mercy Ships NZ where they will allocate the funds to the areas they require as well as helping me complete a part of my course at University of Waikato.

The Mercy Ships goal: To have everyone on the planet have access to healthcare.

Mercy Ships is a charity that focuses on providing medical facilities and resources (primarily around Africa) to communities that do not have either access or the funding for facilities that many would expect to have available for free within New Zealand. They do this through the volunteer ship "Mercy Africa".

Many of the places the Mercy Africa docks have healthcare available for only those who can afford it. Even then, these facilities might not have the sufficient equipment to perform some procedures required. This leaving people suffering with their ailments and diseases. Due to other factors, such as large levels of poverty, poor hygiene, hard-to-access clean water and poor food standards, large amounts of people are suffering from preventable diseases and conditions purely because they do not have readily access to the facilities we take for granted.

This charity, funded by donors and sponsors, has a large volunteer team set out on a ship that travels the coasts and ports of Africa providing much needed medical care and training. Nurses, Doctors, specialists, chefs, engineers, care workers, crew and cleaners are just some of the many roles required to help Mercy Ships provide the care so many people need but ca not afford.

Despite the resources required and the sacrifices so many have to make, Mercy Ships powers through the challenges to provide not only medical care, but hope to people in Africa.

This fundraiser has the added benefit of helping me gain real experience in fundraising that has a real impact which can potentially save lives over halfway around the globe. All it takes is your donation.

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Private Donor on 07 Aug 2021
Combination of 15 different menbers who believe this is a great cause. keep up the great work.

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