Nepal Quake Relief ROUND #2: Reuben Harcourt

$43,660 of $40,000 goal
Given by 339 generous donors in around 11 months

Round #1 raised $7789.19! Help us continue Quake Relief efforts in Lalitpur, Nepal > What's small change at home is a fortune here.


UPDATE: Through the original Facebook event, we raised $7789.19. Thank you so much for your love and support. Now we have a Givealittle page under an NZ charity, let's get Round #2 going so that I can keep up the work and show NZ's heart to villages that need it most.

Please ADD $7789.19 to the total on the right to see just how far this has come in less than a week!

UPDATE: Click the facebook widget to be taken to the partner facebook event for this fundraiser where you can see daily updates, footage and photos of the relief work that you make possible!

I was volunteering in a children's home in a small village called badikhel in lalitpur district of Nepal when the 7.9 earthquake devastated the country. I am now living and surviving shoulder to shoulder with the children and locals. The children's home here was severely damaged in the quake and aftershocks but we were extremely lucky and only very minor injuries and no casualties. Sadly many in this area weren't so lucky and there are terrible stories surfacing by word of mouth everyday here about tragic losses of life and livelihood.

I made a facebook post when the quake first struck and was absolutely blown away by the level of love and support shown there for the people of Nepal and also for my own safety. However, we are the lucky ones. I can't express how horrible conditions are in some parts of this area, in kathmandu valley and remote areas allover Nepal, and how appalling some of the stories ad pictures we see everyday are.

International aid will focus on densely populated areas mainly in kathmandu valley but there is an enormous need for IMMEDIATE relief in rural hard to reach areas such as remote villages in Lalitpur.

Please help me raise relief funds as I am in a privileged position of being able to work with locals to ensure that 100% of funds go exactly where they are needed most. This is a rare opportunity and I'm not going to waste it. So please help out however you can! ANY Donation you can spare will hugely help. What's small change at home is a fortune here.

Some of the worst affected villages here have received no aid to date and have pulled the bodies of their loved ones from the rubble themselves and now shelter homeless wherever they can find room in makeshift tents built from plastic sheets and anything they could find in the debris. I will ensure that they receive shelters for those newly homeless sleeping on the ground outside, as there is a storm started yesterday with freezing cold rain and looking to continue for the next few days. I will see it goes towards rice and lentils that are in short supply, basic medicine, and warm clothes and blankets. I need to purchase water purification tablets as there is a shortage of safe water, and some pipes have mixed with sewage so that many more people may die of viruses.

With your help, I can help support those families in the village and remote areas of Lalitpur that won't benefit from international aid that now have nothing and need it most.

GVN Charitable Trust is the organization that I coordinated my volunteer placement here with. The funds will arrive in their NZ registered charitable trust account, and 100% (no fees) will either be issued to me to distribute, unless I instruct otherwise. Please be assured that GVN are just as committed as I am, and are 100% behind this fundraiser.

Thanks again for showing that The New Zealand community and my good friends allover the world are so full of love and empathy!

All my love,


Reuben Harcourt's involvement (page creator)

I am living in Badikhel for now and making daily trips into Kathmandu by motorbike with my good friend and Badikhel local Hari to see through the initial stages of relief work and distribution, and I'm fundraising to see some much need supplies and support come into the area - international aid will likely completely skip Badikhel and remote Lalitpur over. GVN Charitable Trust is the organization that I have coordinated my time in Nepal with. The funds will arrive in their NZ registered charitable trust account, and 100% of donations (no fees) will be issued to me to distribute, unless I instruct otherwise. Please be assured that GVN are just as committed to Badikhel as I am, and are 100% behind this fundraiser.

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Monsoons and Mosquitos   26 May 2015

Our team, with support from this fundraiser, have been working to source and purchase large mosquito nets to take care of newly homeless families that can't afford to care for themselves during monsoon season. These families are sleeping outside and are truly living in the elements now that their homes are gone, and with that comes the very real risk of sickness. Among other things, the thick fog of mosquitos that descends on rural mountainous areas threatens their lives. However, thankfully we are able to help in a meaningful way by providing these nets. I cant stress enough just how much this means to those directly effected but also how much more we both NEED to do and CAN do using this platform. The nets will be distributed in rural Sindhupalchok and Lalitpur by Hari Bhusal, Prakash Ojha and Rick Chong through CASD Nepal and i will post an update with photos when we can confirm they have reached the targeted families.

As well as coming up with ideas and executing our own relief projects, our team has been facilitating small projects on behalf of other organisations to help speed up the overall relief effort. They have barely stopped for a breath and we have many projects in progress now that i look forward to sharing with you all. CASD have put together a curriculum for both schooling and trauma treatment for children in rural areas with the help of war trauma councillors in country to tackle the effects of PTSD. This curriculum will be available on specialised computers which our trained volunteers will use as a 'mobile school' to help those areas that need it most. I will elaborate on this project very soon

Please, if you still feel something, do whatever you can to help. Whether that be telling friends, sharing the page, donating here or elsewhere, or anything else you can think of. Those of us in a position to help have a responsibility to do so and I thank you so much for empowering us to do just that. Let's keep it up

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Money to go towards a School in Nepal
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Awesome work Reuben and everyone else involved!such an awesome cause Here is our donation made from sales at Foresight HQ Keep up the awesome work! Miri & Jack

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