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Riding for Carl Sithole in Soweto!

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Change what is possible for the neglected kids at Carl Sithole Home. Give them the things most of us take for granted each day.

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I (Mark Bennett) am riding Tour Aotearoa 2020 - - and entering requires donating to a registered charity. My day job is in the International IT Department of The Salvation Army and I get to see lots of unmet needs everyday. So while I'm challenging myself beyond anything I've ever done by a magnitude of 10, I want my adventure to help make a difference in just one of thousands of centres around the world The Salvation Army helps those society has discarded.

Carl Sithole Kids home in Soweto, South Africa offers accommodation and care for kids with nobody and nothing. Some are HIV positive, others are orphaned, some are just unwanted. The Salvation Army funds the centre but as with most charitable work there is never enough.

Rather than simply have money disappear into the daily operations, any donation you give will specifically go towards clothes, toiletries, and educational supplies so all the kids will have an opportunity to function everyday in a manner most of us take for granted.

If there is enough donated to cover this then I'd love the centre to give them a pizza party. This is something my kids love and get to enjoy with a smile on their faces. Hopefully we can bring the joy of pizza (a key food for me when riding the 3000km of Tour Aotearoa) to everyone at the Carl Sithole Home, Soweto, South Africa.

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Riding Tour Aotearoa requires a donation to a registered charity as opposed to paying entry fees. I've already made a donation, but want friends and colleagues from around the world to increase the amount and potential impact of this donation.

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The Final Update  4 May 2020

Posted by: Mark Bennett

As expected this message is being written from home, it is just a very different situation to what I anticipated! Life has continued just in a very different world to when I left home for Cape Reinga on the 5th of March. There are still people through no action (or inaction) of their own living in poverty and still opportunities for me, with little effort or cost, to help.

You have been generous beyond what I imagined possible and 175% of the initial goal I worried was too high. I'm not sure if I will be able to post another update here but hope that will be possible so you can hear directly from Carl Sithole Home as they provide clothes, feminine hygiene products and a pizza party!

Thank you for channeling your generosity through my adventure. It was exciting to see as I was riding and the first thing I checked when I had mobile phone reception after contacting home. I hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and making a difference in your community as you have to the Carl Sithole Home.

Take care and stay generous,


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  • Carol

    Carol on 21 Mar 2020


    Treebeard: I always like going South, somehow it feels like going downhill. 😎 Way to go guys- a fantastic cause!


    • Mark Bennett

      Thanks for giving and making a difference. There were lots of great downhills including one gradual and long one with a tailwind of 70+ km after St Arnaud to Renwick as we were heading to the ferry to be home before the lock down 😬

  • Guest Donor

    Guest Donor on 19 Mar 2020



    • Mark Bennett

      Whoever you are THANKS! You're making a difference 👍

  • Tony

    Tony on 19 Mar 2020


    Over half way now Mark - keep on pedaling for this good cause!


    • Mark Bennett

      You're awesome Tony! Thanks for donating and giving me advice to get going 👌

  • John

    John on 18 Mar 2020



    • Mark Bennett

      Thanks for giving, I really appreciate it 👍🏼

  • Merle

    Merle on 17 Mar 2020



    • Mark Bennett

      Really appreciate your generosity 👍🏼

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$5,228 of $5,500 goal

Given by 45 generous donors in 11 weeks

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