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Riding my 50cc “limo” 322kms

$855 of $1,000 goal
Given by 14 generous donors in 18 days

The Grand Annual Jolly Good Chaps Napier to Wellington 50cc Scooter Challenge For Charity

Napier, Hawke's Bay

On the 2nd March I, along with 200+ other riders, have signed up to embark on an extraordinary journey for a cause!

A daring adventure from Napier to Wellington (322km) on a trusty Peugeot Django 50cc scooter (my limo) taking approximately 8-10 hours to complete in a mission to raise funds for Hawkes Bay charities.

Your donations can make a significant impact with the funds raised going directly to those who need it most driving change together.

Your support is greatly appreciated.

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ALMOST 200 RIDERS  19 February 2024

Posted by: Jolly Good Chaps

We have almost met the first goal, 200 riders. As at Monday 19th Feb we have 196 riders registered. LETS GET TO 200!!!!

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Napier to Wellington 50cc Scooter Challenge 2024

Riding 50cc scooters and raising some serious dingaling in a not so serious way.

Latest donations

Caroline on 03 Mar 2024
Good luck Kameel! What a great cause to support and even better memories to come out of such a fun ride! Cheers Choc
Kameel Somani

Thank you. You’ll have to join us next year

Kameel Somani
Trevor Phork
Trevor Phork on 01 Mar 2024
Didn't know what to write but googled you some puns to use tomorrow to sound cool in front of your new scooter friends: 1. Why did the scooter take a break from its job? It needed some kick-back time. 2. What did the scooter say to the traffic light? “Stop being so red-iculous!” 3. I like to think of my scooter as a smoothie on wheels – it really knows how to blend in with traffic!
Kameel Somani

Funny. Thanks Terry

Kameel Somani
Nancy on 01 Mar 2024
Amazing effort but I still think you’re crazy 😜
Kameel Somani

The only crazy thing was doing it in a suit. Frozen

Kameel Somani
Blair on 01 Mar 2024
Kameel Somani

Thanks buddy. You're in next year

Kameel Somani
Travis on 01 Mar 2024
It should be a lot of fun, ride well!
Kameel Somani

Thanks Travis

Kameel Somani

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This campaign started on 13 Feb 2024 and ended on 3 Mar 2024.