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Please donate to this wonderful charity - Auckland Puppy Rescue - who saved NASA and changed our lives!


This year I will be running my 4th full marathon in Tauranga on the 22nd of September and I will be running to raise money for Auckland Puppy Rescue - an organization that connected the wonderful NASA (formally Sadie) into our home and changed our lives.

NASA was found walking with her mum in South Auckland with no home. She was picked up by Auckland Puppy Rescue who gave her medication for her skin conditions, vaccinated and de-sex her. Wonderful foster parents looked after her until me and Simon adopted her over 2 years ago.

Without Auckland Puppy Rescue, our lives would be lacking the joy and laughter that NASA provides everyday. She is my running and cuddle buddy who always makes me feel save.

Please donate to this wonderful charity. Money raised will go towards medication, vaccination and food for the many puppies that needs a home. I promise I will try and run my fastest time in this marathon (4 hours 30 min). Since this marathon is close to my birthday, please donate to this instead of giving me present!

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Auckland Puppy Rescue helped connected our family to NASA (formally known as Sadie). Without Auckland Puppy Rescue, so many puppies might not receive a second chance in a wonderful loving home.

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Adrian, Angelo & Wulf
Adrian, Angelo & Wulf on 19 Sep 2018
All the best!
Fiona M.
Fiona M. on 19 Sep 2018
All the best Irene!
Laura on 18 Sep 2018
Shot Irene, you blimmin champ! xoxo
Anna on 17 Sep 2018
Philip Cheung + Ada Chung
Philip Cheung + Ada Chung on 14 Sep 2018

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This campaign started on 1 Jul 2018 and ended on 22 Sep 2018.