Running in memory of wonderful Molly Ross & raising funds for youth with cancer

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Running in memory of the amazing Molly Ross raising funds for The Acorn Project supporting young people and their families facing cancer.

Hawke's Bay

In our lives we are sometimes lucky enough to know amazing people. For me, Molly Ross is one of these amazing people. When she was 12, Molly was diagnosed with alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, a type of cancer, for Molly this started as tumours in her bones. The grade of her cancer meant this was incurable.

Throughout Molly's cancer she faced a countless number of awful challenges, from horrific reactions to chemo that left her paralysed and unable to even eat for months, pneumonia, reactions to dressings, drugs side effects, set backs, hopes raised and hopes dashed. I work with Molly's amazing strong Mum Tracey, and so was lucky enough to know Molly. I saw how incredibly brave and graceful she was throughout these challenges. She always lit up any room and even at her sickest had a light that shone from her. As cruel as life can be, the world lost beautiful Molly in May four years ago. I still think of her every day.

In June last year I made a crazy decision to run a marathon within a year - I was not fit (that's an understatement), I was not a runner (at all), and I was very naieve about the goal I was making (how hard could it be?) It became clear to me quite quickly in my training that I did not particularly enjoy running (omg have you tried it?!) I would need inspiration to help me keep going when the going got tough. Molly was my first thought - so when I run and it hurts or I'm tired or feeling lazy I think about Molly and her courage and strength. When I want to quit I think about how lucky I am and that Molly would give anything to be here and be able to run - and she helps me to keep going.

Throughout Molly's cancer Canteen were a source of support, love, kindness and fun for her and her wonderful Mum Tracey and sister Hazel. Sadly Canteen has been disbanded in the provinces and no longer provide the same kind of support to young people and their families facing cancer. The Acorn Project is an amazing charitable Organisation that has been set up in the Hawkes Bay to bridge the gap that has been left by Canteen's departure. Acorn provides incredible wrap around care for young people and their families going through cancer. So I am running for Molly and raising funds in her name for the Acorn Project Hawkes Bay in the hope that they can provide some kindness and care to someone that needs it. I know Molly would love to help.

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The Acorn Project provides wrap around support services for young people and their families living with cancer. My life was touched by a beautiful young person with cancer, Molly Ross, who I wish to dedicate my up coming marathon run to. Molly gives me strength to keep going when I feel I want to quit - she was so strong and brave and when the going gets tough I remember she would have given anything to have the opportunity I have to be able to keep running. I want to be able to help the Acorn Project help more people just like Molly.

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Fiona on 24 May 2019
Chubby on 23 May 2019
Shehan and Laura
Shehan and Laura on 20 May 2019
Great job and good luck for the next one, which I’m sure you’ll do!
Tara Mckerrow
Tara Mckerrow on 20 May 2019
Awesome work good luck with the run! Very inspiring and such a great cause!
Graham on 20 May 2019
Hope you're not too sore!!

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