Five-year-old autistic boy dies at Piha Beach in tragic accident

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5-year old autistic boy died in an accident at the Piha beach over the labour weekend.


The original goal was for a donation towards the funeral cost of a recently deceases 5-year old boy after a tragic accident took place at the north end of the Piha beach.

Now we have funeral cost sorted with the help of ACC which will cover the most of it and any additional expense is covered by friends of the family (thanks to all who has been there for the family).

So, the goal has changed and all donations raised will go to Autism NZ ( as per family's wish.

Boy's name is Savva, he was a bright little fella, we remember him being happy most of the time and very active. He was autistic and his mother gave up a job to be around and look after him, to provide best care she could, she was into her little fella full time. His father is hardworking and devoted to family man, a solo provider to the family. Thanks to the efforts of his family Savva has been taken around the country to see various specialists and it seemed he was getting a little better after the specialists treatments he has received. The family had plans to travel to United States and have him undergo some specialist therapy there hopping to help him get better with every little thing they could do for him.

The boy was always happy to see his parents, he just started school and has done his first 2 weeks in the special class which he enjoyed going to, the summer was around the corner and the family had plans to enjoy some New Zealand sunshine with their little boy after a long rainy winter.

Unfortunately, due to the freak tragic accident the family is now broken, they are devastated, they are in limbo and its very hard for them to go through such an event as it would be for anyone else. Any donation big or small will go to AUTISM NZ to help kids alike, because every little drop makes a difference.

Thanks to all those quickly responded to search and to all those who gave their warm words and support to family after the tragedy.

The story was coverage in the news :

Funeral was held on Wednesday, 26th with family, friends, father's work colleagues and some close community members attending and supporting parents in this terrible times.

Max Rouff's involvement (page creator)

Being close family friends with Lopoukhine family, we spent time with them over the last few days to give support. after the tragic accident. We have started this little pledge to try and help a little further and make some difference to those who needs it the most.

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Guest Donor on 01 Nov 2016
Nicola on 30 Oct 2016
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Guest Donor on 29 Oct 2016
We were so devastated to hear of the loss of beautiful Savva, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family x
us on 29 Oct 2016
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Guest Donor on 26 Oct 2016

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This campaign started on 25 Oct 2016 and ended on 21 Nov 2016.