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Dunc's Big Bike Ride

  • Finished!

      5 September 2015
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    I finished Dunc's Big Bike Ride last Saturday. Updating givealittle was too hard on the way round, so I hope you found the Facebook page for this event and enjoyed updates from there.

    Watch the 3 News report on my finish:

    Wow! What a ride!

    View the completed map of NZ's fullest ever circumnavigation by bike here:

    Thanks to everyone who has donated and helped us edge towards target. The Bike will be auctioned by Bike Barn in the coming weeks and the proceeds from the sale will go to St John via this page.

    Will definitely update then now that I am back on laptop computer thing.

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  • One week in...

      9 January 2015
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    Stages complete:

    Stage1: Mission Bay to Omana Regional Park

    Stage 2: Omana Regional Park to Thames

    Stage 3: Thames to Coromandel Town

    Stage 4: Coromandel Town to Port Jackson

    Stage 5: Port Jackson to Stony Bay

    Stage 6: Stony Bay to Coromandel Town

    Feeling good! Strangely, I'm liking the climbs, feeling like I've settled into a rhythm with them. Stage 6 was a it of a bummer, as I suffered my first puncture climbing Kaipawa on the way from Kennedy Bay. Still, came through it unscathed!

    Stage 7 now! Thanks for all your donations! Dunc x

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  • Introducing: The Bike

      13 December 2014
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    The time to collect The Bike came this week. Superstar RadioLIVE producer, and good buddy of mine, Mary Putnam drove me down to Bike Barn's offices and warehouse near Auckland Airport, where we met up with Jonny The Brilliant.

    The Bike they have kindly provided me with for this challenge is a Merida Big Nine 500, with some extras on board to help with luggage.

    I rode it home to central Auckland afterwards and it worked, so huge TICK so far! Thanks Bike Barn!

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  • In & Around Leeds - New Zealand edition

      27 November 2014

    Shot my mouth off on this crappy web show - said I'd cycle round the coastline of New Zealand. Kind of have to do it now!

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