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Shoeless Half - 21 barefoot kms in Cambodia

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21kms | no shoes | Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Yep, I'm doing my first half marathon (barefoot) to keep 1160 kids in school.

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Poverty Marathon International Development

There are kids throughout Cambodia who need our help to get to school this year. So (naturally) I'm going to be doing a half marathon in the middle of Cambodia's capital (barefoot).

The story goes: last year, I walked 33kms from Upper Hutt to central Wellington, NZ - completely shoeless.

It went spectacularly well.

Meaning, I managed to hobble across the finish line just after sunset, and my feet were working again within the week. More importantly, we raised a whopping $16,040!

The goal was to keep supporting 1000 kids, we managed to sponsor 1160 kids. That means that those little ones and their families got a hand up: all the supplies they needed for a year of education.

This month, I'm going back to Cambodia, and I'm going to get to visit those kids. I can't WAIT.

Also this month, I'm bringing the bare feet to the Phnom Penh International Half Marathon.

That's right.

I'm going to attempt my first half marathon (although no promises about how much running will be involved, ok!), barefoot, in the heat of Cambodia, on the 18th of June 2017 (For you nosy people, you can check the official event out here:

I honestly have no idea how long it'll take me. I'm not exactly a runner, especially while barefoot on hot concrete.

So, lovely person, I'm asking for sponsorship, a dollar per barefoot km, or whatever you can afford.


I've been living barefoot for 4.5 years to raise awareness and funds for the beautiful children of Cambodia. What's that you say? Why would I do such a thing!?? Great question my friend...

I lived there for a while, and saw the rawness of poverty. In our incredible country New Zealand, we don't often think about how life would be without the ability to read and write (I know I didn't). Imagine for a second not being able to look something up on google, to read an article about health for your children, to know what the contract you're signing actually says. How do you learn anything, how do you get a better job?

We take it for granted, but the ability to read, and therefore to learn from the world, is absolutely so vital in helping people out of poverty.

I'm so passionate about this that when I moved back to New Zealand , I decided to do something wild, so that people would ask questions. I decided to live barefoot, rain and shine, summer and winter. My friends and their friends have been so generous.

This year, our kids need to stay in school, and they need new uniforms, new books. The school year in Cambodia starts soon, and we are currently sitting at $1748.33 this year, which will sponsor about 90 kids. So we've got another 21 grand to raise to keep our 1160 kids in school.

I know it's a huge goal. I know it's audacious.

But I also know where this $ is going - once you donate, 100% of what we get from Givealittle goes to our kids. I'm committed to this (otherwise I would have put shoes back on years ago), so whatever you can give will help - I'll do what it takes to hustle any remaining funds needed.

You can cheer me on or just be a spectator on all the usual medias. Seriously, I'm gonna need the support.

Aroha nui! Katie

Check here for updates and maybe even some live video on the day

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Katie Boom


My name's Katie Boom, I live in the winterless north of New Zealand, I breathe music, and I am the one walking a very long way barefoot in a very hot place. I'm also the person who dreamed up this campaign called Shoeless in the first place.

Currently barefoot: 240 weeks and 5 days

All funds raised benefit:

  • $4,554.50 donated
  • 54 generous donors

$4,555 donated



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