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Sophie Snail takes on Tour Aotearoa 2021!

  • Final amount raised!

      12 July 2021
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    A final thank you to everyone who supported me on my bikepacking mission across New Zealand. I was overwhelmed by the support, particularly when many of the people backing me were stuck in their houses for lockdown at the time. I wanted to share that we raised $1400 NZD which is about £700 which is far more than I ever anticipated. I'm so excited that the money will help others get on wheels and transform their lives.

    Sending love and thanks to you all,

    Sophie snail 🤗

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  • I MADE IT!

      23 March 2021
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    I finally made it to Bluff yesterday after 27 days of riding, and what an overwhelming feeling it was!

    I'm stunned that I made it in one piece and honestly a bit sad that it's all over! I think my bum has been thankful for a bit of saddle reprieve though!!

    I am grateful to everyone who has donated and I have now raised over $800 which has exceeded my expectations so thank you to everyone for your generosity. I will keep it open until 10th April.

    The support I have received has been incredible and kept me going even on the toughest of days, so thanks again for that!

    Challenges like this don't happen in isolation...

    I'm grateful to Liam at Capital Cycles, wellington, building me a whole new wheel half way through to keep me on the road. I also appreciate Physio Spot sponsoring me with a generous charity donation.

    Thanks to my friends... particularly, Nick, Howard, Jess, Henry and Catherine who got out on the bike with me for training. Dave for his support on the ride... especially for re-delivering my lost glasses during the event! Henry and Cara who rode the Rimutaka leg with me. Ruth for being concerned about my crotch and supplying merino underwear! My family for their unwavering interest and support. And everyone else!!!

    Thank you!

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  • Nearly at bluff

      20 March 2021
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    I've decided to shorten my final cycling days and reflect on my epic journey over the last month before hopefully reaching Bluff tomorrow.

    I am in the small town of Winton in Southland and have met some extremely friendly locals. Plenty of time to talk and share stories!

    I am thankful to the fantastic people I've encountered on this journey, who have supported each other through mechanicals, bad weather and injury, and elevated the experiences I've been fortunate to have.

    I am amazed at what my mind, body, and bike has handled, and this challenge has been a reminder to keep letting it have a go!

    Most amazingly is the opportunity I've had to see such a beautiful and rugged country, getting into some spectacular and diverse countryside that I didn't even know was here!

    The hills have been exhausting; the sand, mud and gravel punishing; the bum soreness emotional; the crashes testing. But the support I've received from friends and family both near and across the oceans has kept me going and for that i am truly grateful!

    Thanks to everyone who has donated to rebicycle... giving others the chance to be able to get to the shops or to work or enjoy a bit of freedom with such a simple but life changing bit of equipment... THE BICYCLE!

    Onwards to Bluff...

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  • Heading to the Highest Point on the TA tomorrow!

      17 March 2021
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    I've made it over the Mangatapu saddle to Nelson, through Big River Track, down the West Coast, and over the Haast Pass to Wanaka.

    There have been highs and lows... downpours on the west coast, a bike crash and missing the food at Hokitika's international food festival!

    Thankfully the Haast pass was well worth the effort, with waterfalls and blue pools to distract from the 13% incline! We have reached Wanaka via Lake Hawea and are preparing to take on the Crown Range cimb tomorrow to Queenstown.

    Thanks to everyone who has generously donated, it has exceeded my expectations already and is spurring me on to the finish line!

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  • Made it to the centre of the north island!

      1 March 2021
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    Made it to the centre point of the North island... definite suffering involved! Proud to have even made it this far and 1/4 way through!

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