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Participating in The Men-Tall 24hr Walk & Talk a-thon 2023


Mental health is a big thing, this group has helped a couple of my mates and plenty of other men. To help raise some funds and lend some support I’m participating in the 24 hour walk-a-thon. How far do you think I can walk?

Spread the love, donate what you can, or share the message. There’s a safe space for men to get together to talk through any challenges being faced.

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Participating in

The Men-Tall 24hr Walk & Talk a-thon 2023

The Men-Tall Health Club Charitable Trust brings you our 2023 24hr challenge - the Walk & Talk a-Thon

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Mark on 03 Jun 2023
Get it bro, catch ya in the morning for some shit chat
Joe on 03 Jun 2023
Keep charging lad

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This campaign started on 5 May 2023 and ended on 6 Jun 2023.