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The Bonds Ride Again (and again, and again...)

  • We did it!

      27 October 2023

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped and donated, we have reached o

    Our goal of $1001, we have only 1 vehicle to go and we are so excited to be able to help the kids in India!

    From Spencer

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  • Vehicles 16 to 20!

      18 October 2023
    Main image

    Thank you so much to all those who have donated. We still have $300 to go before we reach our goal, so if you've been thinking about it - now's the time!

    We're still clocking up the vehicles. Here are the latest:

    16. The local train in Kolkata. Quite a different experience from the metro, with its open-air carriages and verrrryyy slow pace.

    17. Double-decker bus in Singapore. It was so hot in Singapore and having walked around the river precinct for an hour, this air-con bus felt so good!

    18. Sky Cab in Langkawi, Malaysia. A very epic and steep cable car ride up to the top of this small, mountainous island

    19. Push bikes! We love our bikes, and our accommodation in Langkawi had four bikes that we could use.

    20. Scooter! I was feeling a bit nervous about learning to drive a scooter, and then ride one to the other side of the island, all in one day...but we did it anyway! It turns out the scooter drives quite similarly to our e-cargo bike, so it was a cinch!

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  • Kolkata Riders

      10 October 2023
    Main image

    We loved our time in Kolkata, especially catching up with so many special people. We ate a lot, and rode as many vehicles as we could!

    Numbers 11 to 15 were:

    11. The bus

    12. The tram

    13. The yellow cab (iconic Kolkata cab)

    14. Cycle rickshaw

    15. Pedal boat

    It was awesome to hear the stories from those working with local children, telling us all about the activities that Joyya is offering. English, computing, art, taekwondo, soccer and fun tips out to places like the zoo. The money we are raising through our Joyride enables Joyya to keep on offering cool opportunities to local children.

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  • Auto!

      28 September 2023
    Main image

    This one was high on Em's list - he has always loved the autos, and they are a really fun, breezy way to travel short, set routes across the city.

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  • Then there were 10!

      28 September 2023
    Main image

    We're making tracks, and are now up to 10 vehicles, and over halfway to our fundraising goal! Vehicles 6 to 10 were...

    6. Uber to the airport

    7. Flight to Singapore

    8. Sky train at the airport

    9. Auto in Kolkata

    10. metro

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  • First 5 vehicles knocked off!

      18 September 2023

    In our quest to ride 25 vehicles in 3 weeks, and raise money for Joyya while doing so, we've hit the 5 vehicle mark!

    1. Van

    2. Gondola (the high wire type)

    3. City bus

    4. Scooter

    5. Electric cargo bike

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