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The Buttercream Effect - One small act of kindness, has a big impact.

  • The total raised from The Buttercream Effect Campaign

      22 April 2022
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    The Buttercream Effect Campaign

    Well, that was so much more than I ever expected. On the 1st of April we started the campaign with a goal of 100 cakes. We raised enough funds for the next 506 cake donations.


    That is 506 tamariki and rangatahi who will receive a birthday cake thanks to you.

    I couldn't have done this without the amazing training and support from The Funding Network through the Generosity Generator with the help of Givealittle & Chorus .

    I just wanted to say a thank you to the 373 people who donated, the numerous more who sent kind messages, shared and liked posts and for those who have supported us since day one.

    Ngā mihi nui

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  • 48 Hours until the end of a whirlwind campaign

      13 April 2022
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    For me to articulate what the past almost two weeks has been like for our charity is hard.

    We are so very passionate about what we do. Ensuring the children feel loved, special and celebrated on their birthday is our number one priority. Everything else fades into the background. HOWEVER, there are those things that can't be left in the background like funding. With the amazing support that you have all given us we can go back to concentrating on our kaupapa and making those little faces light up on their birthdays.

    We have many new faces with the media coverage over the past week so if you are new to this journey welcome. Please follow us on social media under The Cake Detective on most platforms so that you can keep an eye out for the cake with your name on it that have been donated on your behalf. If you have left an email address, then a photo of the cake/s and the details will be sent to you once the donation has been made.

    We are coming into our last 48 hours of this campaign!! Hard to believe. The gas in the tank is running low but we are going to continue to push hard right up to the end.

    If you have friends, family or colleagues who maybe haven't heard of us and you think that they will share in the love of the idea then please share the givealittle, website or social media pages far and wide. We currently still have some donation matching left, for every dollar donated it is matched by Sweet Pea Parties so please take advantage of that.

    Thank you doesn't seem enough but there are no other words that describe how grateful we are for every dollar raised.

    Thank you.

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  • A year of cakes

      7 April 2022
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    NO WORDS!!

    People! together we have raised $10,000! That is just incredible for a small charity like ours.

    The thing I have learnt about charities over the past two years is that it is such a balancing act. Some parts we love and other parts of the 'job' aren't our favourite. There is a real juggle for The Cake Detective with making sure that:

    a) our cakes are making the children feel celebrated. Those happy memories and feelings of love on their special day.

    b) we have good relationships with our agencies so that we are reaching those most vulnerable in our community.

    c) we can make and decorate the cakes and that they are up to a high standard. We are so lucky to have talent supporting us and amazing volunteers on bake day. This part is the easy bit!

    d) money

    All four of these parts need to be balanced to make this kaupapa a success.

    As I mentioned in our last update we estimate donation 400 cakes this year which has a cost of circa. $20,000. All of the funds raised go directly into the cakes.

    So with just over a week to go in our Generosity Generator campaign we are going all out. A year of cakes...

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  • We are going for 200 cakes!!

      3 April 2022
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    I am blown away!

    We smashed our goal out of the park. No words, huge feelings of appreciation and aroha to all of you.

    We have so many kids to support and estimat doing 400 cakes this calendar year which would take us up to 1000 tamariki and rangatahi that we have supported since the charity started.

    So we have decided to keep going and aim for 200 cakes!

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  • First 24 Hours

      2 April 2022
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    Wow! Thank you to every single one of you.

    Being a small charity every donation is so very much appreciated and goes a long way to help us with our kaupapa.

    We are almost half way to our goal! After 24 hours. Many of you are long time supporters so you know and have seen what a difference we can make. The next part is that difficult one, reaching those who haven't heard of us.

    If we can ask for one more thing it would be to keep us front of mind for the next two weeks. Share what we do and the impact it has with friends, family and colleagues.

    Again thank you, definitely started with a bang!

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