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Thomasaurus First Birthday

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Since Thomas’ birth he has had numerous respiratory infections, we ask in Lou of presents for his first Birthday you make a small donation

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After 7years Our family finally expanded with the birth of Thomas John of the 9th January 2017, a much longed for brother for Freddie James.

Thomas’ roller coaster of health issues started throughout pregnancy and his birth was equally as dramatic. Broken waters, Induction, Failed VBAC, and emergency caesarean. Once Thomas came out screaming, Michael gathering himself of the floor of theatre and I had the best first skin to skin cuddles I didn’t get with Freddie.

After a few minutes Thomas went floppy and was rushed down to Intensive Care. They quickly discovered he had bilateral pneumothorax and one lung was completely collapsed and the other not far off. We spent a very crazy 12days in Wellington NICU.

Speed forward a few months and Thomas first got viral respiratory infection at 2months old mild and was out of hospital within a day.

At 5months we had our biggest scariest infection with Thomas, he was in hospital for almost two weeks including 4days in intensive care. Since then Thomas has had over 10 more admissions, our last once just a week before Christmas. All respiratory related infections. Paediatricians are hoping he will grow out of it.

With the amazing support from Wellington Children Hospital and all the amazing staff, a lot of nurses we know by name and know how fiery our Thomas is!

We ask if you want to buy Thomas a birthday gift that instead donate to the place that helped us through a pretty turbulent year!

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Abby Holden


Since Thomas’ birth in January 2017 he has many hospital admissions and with the amazing support from Wellington Children Hospital made our stays easier for all our family.

All funds raised benefit:

  • Wellington Children's Hospital

    Wellington Childrens Hospital needs support to raise funds for vital medical equiptment and comfort items for young patients.

  • $430.00 donated
  • 16 generous donors

$430 donated

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