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Sponsor me to get a hair cut (I've already got a real job) - in support of the NZ Fallen Heroes Trust and Live More Awesome!


Ever since I can remember, I've had short hair. Whether it be at boarding school (was cheaper to borrow a mates clippers than pay for a hair cut), or in the military, it's been real short - even a 'Number 0' at some point.

In July 2015, my wife challenged me to go without a haircut for at least 12 months. I got sick of it being long, so after 9 months cut it short. I also lost a bottle of wine over it. I tried again in 2016, and again lost a bet. On 01 January 2018 I tried again and 12 months down this is the longest hair I have ever had, but it's getting really annoying and the comparisons being made between me and Donald Trump, Boris Johnson, and even Fabio mean it's time for it to go...

So, at the start of February 2019, I will get my hair cut in the name of Charity (having won the bet...finally!). I had hoped to be able to donate the clippings to be made into wigs however it's not long enough (without the split ends...apparently that's a thing?!) Anyway, start of Feb it's coming off, and if I can raise some cash for two great charities in the process, then that's great

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Both charities support causes important to me - care for veterans and families who have fallen on hard times, and mental health awareness

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Private Donor
Private Donor on 11 Feb 2019
I team
I team on 10 Feb 2019
Pigtails next time please Matthew
Emma G
Emma G on 09 Feb 2019
Great causes Matt! Agree that haircut was very much needed :)
Greeny on 09 Feb 2019
Well done
Ruru Whanau
Ruru Whanau on 08 Feb 2019
All for a good cause and you do need a haircut cuz! ;)

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This campaign started on 7 Jan 2019 and ended on 11 Feb 2019.