Walking a million steps for peace and to raise funds through ReliefAid, provide food, water and medicines to the people in Gaza

$2,603 of $1,000,000 goal
Given by 34 generous donors in 10 weeks

I am walking 1 million steps, to promote peace. Please support me by donating to ReliefAid who provide food, water and medicine to Gaza.

Otago, Dunedin City

I am going to walk the Camino de Santiagio de Compostela an ancient pilgrimage route from. St Jean Pierre de Port in South of France to Santiago in Spain. The distance is 800km which is about 1,000,000 paces.

I want to dedicate this walk to bringing peace to the world particularly Palestine/Israel, Ukraine/Russia, Sudan, Burma/Myanmar, The Congo etc.

With my friend Brent Caldwell we run a podcast called Caravan of Hope to promote information and understanding with the aim to bring safety, wellbeing and peace to all people. https://shows.acast.com/caravan-of-hope/episodes/caravan-of-hope-episode-15-alison-phipps

I have decided to support ReliefAid Gaza. appeal which provides food, water, medicines and treatment for the people of Gaza.

The people of Gaza are going through one of the most horrendous events of our age. Over 35,000 people have been killed and 75,000 people injured, most of whom are women and children. Plus many more are dieing of disease and starvation due to the Netanyahu govt.policy.

If you donate

1¢ for every 1000 paces walked = $10

10¢ for every 1000 paces walked = $100

$1 for every 1000 paces walked = $1000

Many governments including NZ govt have stopped giving aid to UNRWA which is the main aid agency for Palestinians. So direct aid is even more important than ever before.

I would like to raise $1,000,000

We can do this together, if you Give a little then pass it on to 2 or 3 like-minded friends and they pass it on..


And keep talking about peace


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Latest update

In Navarre, Spain day 7  20 May 2024

Follow me on my trip ‘Walking a million steps for peace ’ at https://www.polarsteps.com/KovidoMaddick/11389631-walking-a-million-steps-for-peace?s=f1b16054-f297-47f8-a0c4-603d7a249d64

Two days ago I chanced upon the peace rally for Palestine in Pamplona.

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Latest donations

Claire on 09 Jul 2024
Blessings, Kovido. Thank you for walking this distance for our brothers and sisters in Gaza.
Kovido Maddick

Hi Claire Thankyou for your generous donation. I hope that the Camino/ journey in your life is going well Love kx

Kovido Maddick
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 09 Jul 2024
Beautiful work-walk, Kovido.
Kovido Maddick

Hi Thankyou for your generous donation. I hope that the Camino/ journey in your life goes well Kx

Kovido Maddick
Guest Donor
Guest Donor on 07 Jul 2024
Not so far now, Kovido. Go well, Gretchen
Kovido Maddick

Hi Gretchen Thanks for your generous donation. Glad you had a great trip One day to go..... Love kx

Kovido Maddick
Ngaire on 07 Jul 2024
Peace for all💗
Kovido Maddick

Hi Ngaire Thanks for your generous donation and support. Now one day to go... Love kx

Kovido Maddick
Anne on 07 Jul 2024
I've enjoyed your photos and blog - so very close to the end now!
Kovido Maddick

Hi Anne Thankyou for your generous donation. I hope all going well for you Kx

Kovido Maddick
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This campaign started on 8 May 2024 and ends on 7 Aug 2024.