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What's Fishing Worth?

  • What’s Fishing Worth? 1.7 billion dollars!     8 April 2016
    Posted by: LegaSea
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    The results are out. The New Zealand Marine Research Foundation’s research has found that our recreational fishing is worth $1.7 billion to the national economy.

    Kiwis each spend, on average, $1400 per year on fishing. When our spending is combined with international visitors’ expenditure it all adds up to a grand total of $946 million per annum. Our fishing also supports 8,100 jobs and generates $1.7 billion in economic activity each year.

    Calculating all this wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for your generous donation. Thank you.

    What happens next? The full technical report, some 100 pages, is going through a peer review process and will be published later in the year. In the meantime, we think that you, your mates and our country’s decision makers want to know how much recreational fishing as an industry is worth.

    LegaSea’s view is that more fish in the water means better fishing experiences, more tourism and more economic growth. Sounds pretty positive huh.

    The foundation have published the highlights in an economic report which you can download here.

    If you want to see more research like this, please consider making another donation to the Foundation - After reading the report, I'm sure you'll agree that they're producing high quality research which is highly valued by New Zealanders.

    You can donate to to the foundation at

    If you would like a copy posted to you, please email

    Thank you on behalf of LegaSea and the New Zealand Marine Research Foundation.

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  • Interview with lead researcher Rob Southwick     2 October 2015
    Posted by: LegaSea

    Hi all,

    We recently had an opportunity ask lead researcher Rob Southwick of Southwick Associates five important questions:

    1) How does recreational fishing contribute to the New Zealand Economy?

    2) What is the scope for the research?

    3) Why is measuring the economic contribution of recreational fishing important?

    4) How has economic information helped restore abundance in other fisheries?

    5) What happens after the research is completed?

    We’ve shared this video on YouTube so you can send it to your mates. Remind them and your family that you need back-up, ask them to match or better your contribution to this cause.

    The LegaSea Team

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  • What's Fishing Worth - update     8 September 2015
    Posted by: LegaSea

    Hi all!

    We're now into our third week of the campaign, and we've raised over $36,000 to discover the value of recreational fishing to our economy.

    We thought it was about time we started talking about what has happened when this kind of research has been done overseas.

    The researchers, Southwick Associates, have seen their research change the way people view the ocean, creating a more positive attitude towards conservation.

    For example, management priorities changed after a study of one area in Mexico, Cabo San Lucas, found sportfishing generated over $245 million in new local and federal taxes!

    And, the total economic activity associated with 345,000 visiting anglers was estimated to be approximately USD$1.125 BILLION!

    Here in NZ, after 30 years of the quota management system we still have our precious kahawai being exported for $1.45 per kilo and 25-29cm snapper being sold to Australia for $9.00 per kilo.

    It’s time to smarten up. We can do so much better with our current marine resources.

    Like Mexico, the potential for job growth, wealth generation and tax revenues all depend on having fish available. That’s why the New Zealand Marine Research Foundation has engaged Southwick Associates to conduct this important research.

    LegaSea appreciates your recent donation to support the project. Now we need all your family, friends and work colleagues to know what’s going on too. And only you can reach them by sharing

    Please stress to them that management changes will only come about through widespread understanding of both the benefits of having more fish in local waters, and the potential earnings for the country.

    The New Zealand Marine Research Foundation is determined to complete the study and your support is vital. Preliminary research results are expected by December and a full blown peer-reviewed report by mid 2016.

    Thanks again for your support - we know that you understand how important this is, and that's why you're our strongest voice.

    Please share this campaign far and wide. And if you have any promotional ideas to help us spread the word, we'd love to know - just fire them through to

    All the best,

    The LegaSea Team

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  • Week One down     19 August 2015
    Posted by: LegaSea

    Hi everyone,

    It's been a week since we launched the What's Fishing Worth campaign and we are stoked with the response so far.

    Over 300 people have donated in excess of $20,000 to see recreational fishing in New Zealand independently valued.

    We're humbled and excited to see this becoming a reality.

    We've been reading your comments and we love how passionate you are. Here are some of our favourites from the first week.

    "A great initiative. And lets not forget the immeasurable value of fishing to the people, lifestyle and culture of NZ" - Matt Watson

    "We need someone standing up for our rights. The amount of fuel in cars, boats, bait, lures, accommodation all around the country must be huge yet it's always the commercial interest taken into account." - Glenn Kipling

    "Hawke's Bay is ground zero for over fishing. Please keep up the good work to help bring the fish back for everyone" - Greg Macklow

    So how can you help us spread this further?

    We want to reach as many people as possible, so we're looking for organisations who are happy to email their lists about this, and we'd love for you to post the link to Facebook or Twitter, or whatever other social media floats your boat.

    We have copy and imagery we're happy to let you use. If you want to help out, get in touch with for more details.

    Finally, next time you're out fishing or watching the game with your mates, we'd love for you to tell them why you think this is important. Campaigns like this work best when you hear about it from your mates. We know you value this, and we'd love your help in getting the word out to as many people as possible.

    Thanks so much for your support - it means the world to the future state of our precious fisheries.

    The LegaSea Team

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  • A stellar first day!     12 August 2015
    Posted by: LegaSea


    Welcome to the What's Fishing Worth campaign. We're super excited to have you on board. We really believe in this cause and we're glad to see you do too.

    Since we launched yesterday we've raised over $14,000. You are truly amazing and we're humbled by how a crowd of people can really make a difference.

    We thought you might be interested in some of the media attention this campaign has been getting. Jeff Romeril, Chairman for the New Zealand Marine Research Foundation is having a busy time with a number of interviews today and yesterday.

    He was on Nine to Noon with Kathryn Ryan yesterday morning - check out the interview here

    And this morning he was on First@Five with James Coleman,

    the Mike Hosking Breakfast show

    and TVNZ Breakfast

    We're so happy to have so much momentum early on, but we've still got another $86,000 to raise, and we need your help to do it!

    Help us spread the word. Depending on whether you’re a social media nut or enjoy a real life conversation with friends. Let them know about this research and how they can help too.

    Please click the Facebook or Twitter share buttons on It only takes a second, and means a lot.

    Thanks again for your support!

    The LegaSea Team

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