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F.C.I.S is a non profit NATIONWIDE CHARITABLE organisation supporting families through CYFS processes and involvement.

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The work FCIS performs varies between cases as we aim for family well-being, especially children's.

Our mission is to 'calm the storm' created by CYFS intervention so that families engage, communication flows well and any and all false allegations, incorrect information, bias, and more are minimal.

Families and authorities travel through processes with ease when intervention starts well, eliminating years of adult clashing. Cases have a great chance of ending favourably while time and money is not wasted.

To achieve this, FCIS provides families with a volunteering advocate who initially provides needed information and direction so that confusion, fear and hopelessness turns into proactive action rather than dysfunction.

Added is a supportive network enabling families to share their pain, voice their emotions and provide and receive encouragement.

FCIS does it's best to ensures authorities (interventionists) adhere to their codes of conduct and ethics as they intervene in family's lives and that children's best interest is central and their rights respected.

FCIS works towards change at all levels and through member's dedication, it will come about.

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Ensuring authorities adhere to their codes of conduct/ethics & children's rights while supporting family members. We accept a need for CYFS, yet at times children are removed wrongly and at other times cases get off to a bad start ensuing a bad result. When cases go well, outcomes are often favourable and FCIS fills the gap by educating the family, helping them through processes and finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Good work
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