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Autism Intervention Trust

  • Autism Intervention Trust Recognising the Work of Teacher Aides

      10 February 2010

    Back in November, the Autism Intervention Trust was the recipient of the Men in the City Charity Bachelor Auction ? a great night out for Wellington singles, and a wonderful way to find romance in the name of Autism! Funds raised on the night were pledged to supporting Teacher Aides that support ASD kids at school ? and with this in mind the Autism Intervention Trust would like to announce that we are sponsoring 50 free places for?Teacher Aides to attend the upcoming Sue Larkey seminar in Wellington. Sue Larkey is a world renown speaker on the support of ASD children in a school environment. With many years of practical and academic experience, her seminars are packed with useful tips and strategies to support learning and manage behaviour, and they are always delivered in a humorous and straightforward manner. In our opinion if there is one seminar all teacher aides should have the opportunity to attend ? then this is it! For more information on the seminar go to

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