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Waiheke Working Sail

  • Master and Commander Fund Raiser     23 November 2013

    Many thanks to all who came on Friday night. It was a great success and we raised $1000 for the project. Please consider supporting the project with a regular donation.

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  • Initial fundraising     30 July 2013

    Welcome to the Waiheke Working Sail fundraising site. You can make donations large and small here to our projects. What is the money for? We estimate that it will cost about $205,000 to fully restore the Kate. Thats a giant figure for a small island to achieve. But we don't need it all at once. We have broken the project into 5 major steps each one providing a solid step forward in the restoration as well as meeting specific training goals for the apprentices. So our first major goal is $20,000. Right now however we need a few $1000 just to get the project moving along. We also want to grow the supporters club - the group of initial people who will follow the project and offer help, advice, willing hands, money and expertise. Please get in touch with us with your ideas, and spread the word, tell your friends to visit to find out more. Thanks Andrew

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  • Bernard talks about WWS and the Coriolanus     29 July 2013

    Bernard talks about WWS and the Coriolanus

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