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  • A very busy first year for Backbone     18 January 2018
    Posted by: The Backbone Collective
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    The first nine months have been challenging, inspiring, and really hard work. Twelve months ago we were planning Backbone and wondering if women would join, would find this helpful, would people support our work etc. We have found that the sense of community of solidarity, of shared pain and shared struggles has been awe inspiring - we have started a movement.. We are committed to continuing to do this work. We hope that in 2018 we can grow the membership and supporter base even bigger and that we can get those in a position of authority to see how desperately things need to change.

    Here is our activity over the last 12 months (Whew - when you see it all written down...)

    Pre launch

    Establishing a Board

    Becoming a Charitable Trust

    Making a Web site and Facebook page

    Initial survey to women about Backbone concept

    Creating our founding principles/processes,

    Getting a Backbone logo

    Creating registration survey for members and supporters


    Media releases/interviews

    Communications with agencies and Government


    Initial startup survey

    Family Court survey

    Complaints survey (smaller group)

    Impact on Children survey

    Watchdog reports

    Family Court Watchdog – All Eyes on the Family Court

    Complaints and Appeals Landscape 'Don’t Tell Your Problems'

    Survey reports

    Family Court Survey Report - Out of the Frying Pan into the Fire

    Impact on Children Report – Seen and Not Heard Part One – Force


    RNZ – Wallace Chapman and news reports

    NZ Herald


    Radio Live

    Newshub Am show

    The Project

    TV one

    Women’s Weekly – postcard project



    Social media

    Followers from 0 - over 2000

    supporters from 0 - 200

    Regular FB posts – articles, news items , commentary etc

    Meme project – Women’s Voices matter

    Meme project – Children’s Voices matter

    Blog posts

    Videos updates


    Postcard project with LW Photography– 7000 postcards sent out and sent to those in authority calling for Royal Commission

    Supporting Community in Action Group with petition

    Submission on Family and Whanau Violence Bill

    Lobbying Justice Select Committee to hold select Committee

    Meeting with Jan Logie x 2

    Meeting with Jacinda Adrern x 1

    UN approach – letters to PM and ministers raising the seriousness of the issue

    Letters to new PM and MPS

    Protest outside Auckland Family Court in September

    Continuous improvement

    Meeting with Psych Board - more on that in 2018

    Briefing report to incoming Govt

    Communications with members

    Membership from 0 to 1141

    Hundreds of emails and messages with members

    Connecting women into local groups

    Sharing information and resources with members

    Backbone posters created, printed and shared

    19 Newsletters sent to members collectively

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