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Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary

  • Helping Gherkin     7 July 2019
    Posted by: Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary
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    Many of you have met our cheeky pig Gherkin, who was found as a tiny piglet, alone and disoriented by the roadside in December 2017. A lively and mischievous soul, he quickly grew into a playful young adult.

    Recently Gherkin started experiencing seizures, which is very distressing. Despite multiple vet visits, x-rays, and pain and anti-inflammatory medications, we still don’t have a definitive answer as to why he is unwell. We are determined to explore every avenue we can to protect his health, and thus we are planning to send him for a CT scan at Massey University. Unfortunately this comes with a significant cost at a time when winter feed bills are high.

    You can help Gherkin by donating through Givealittle. Please just remember to reference ‘Gherkin’ when making a donation. Any contribution helps, no matter how small.

    Thank you so much for your support. We'll be posting another update soon to let you know about Gherkin's progress. If you don't already receive our newsletter, please do sign up for it to get animal news, photographs, and invitations to sanctuary open days!

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  • Update for 05/03/2014     5 March 2014
    Posted by: Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary

    Thanks so much everyone who is donated to our fencing project, it is a great help! We have regular working bees in summer so we would love to see you if you are in the area and would like to meet the animals. We actually have one coming up this Saturday the 8th March, so please get in touch if you are interested (sorry about the short notice) -

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  • Pi the magpie learns to fly ...     15 February 2014
    Posted by: Black Sheep Animal Sanctuary

    Late last year, one of our caretakers discovered a flegdling magpie while at a gardening job. Pi had a severely deformed leg (probably from a birth defect), and it was obvious he couldn't fend for himself. So she took Pi home, where we fed him hourly until he learned to feed himself. He learned to perch, and then to fly. He can probably be never fully independent, but is relishing an indoor/outdoor life with food always at hand. He has loads of personality, and everyone falls in love with him.

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