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Busting With Life Dragon Boat Team

  • Update for 09/10/2009     9 October 2009

    TODAY IS PINK RIBBON DAY! Every day is Pink Ribbon Day for our Team. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and many of our team members are actively involved? with events and activities that promote this important campaign. Team members are individually working with other organisations to help with the all-important task of fundraising to find a cure for Breast Cancer and to support those organisations that provide such vital support for people with Breast Cancer and their families and care givers. We want to show by example that it is possible to lead productive, active lives?as a Breast Cancer survivors. Check out our website Gallery to see what we do. FEEL IT!?? FIND IT!?? FIX IT!

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  • Update for 08/10/2009     8 October 2009

    Our training for?the 2009-2010 season has started in earnest! Go to our website to see the action-packed schedule?for the season. We are always looking for new team members. No previous paddling experience is necessary. Have YOU or someone you love had a mammogram lately? Feel it - Find it - Fix it

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  • Update for 19/06/2009     19 June 2009

    TV Coverage of the New Zealand Dragon Boat Nationals 2009 is coming up soon. The Team / Corporate events can be viewed on Thursday 25th June at 5.30pm on Sky Sports 1, at 6.30pm on Sky Sports 2 on Friday 26th June and at 11.30pm Saturday night 27th June on Sky Sports 2. We are the bright pink team out in front at the finish line

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  • Update for 08/04/2009     8 April 2009

    Check out? the photos?taken at the National Dragon?Boat Regatta 2009 held on?Blue lake at Rotorua, New Zealand?

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  • Update for 03/04/2009     3 April 2009

    Click through to our website and see the latest photos from the Dragon Boat Nationals held at Blue Lake, Rotorua, NZ last weekend!

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