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We brought the Arrowsmith programme into NZ, setting up 3 schools and so generously funded by the Friedlander Foundation. But this programm


Feuerstein is transforming the lives of the Learning Disabled throughout the globe. Not-For-Profit, 2,000+ published, peer-reviewed research and just $15 per student, Feuerstein intercepts the weak connections of the brain and strengthens them by specific cognitive exercises. Students are returning to mainstream classrooms, never to need learning support again.

Heavily researched, sustainable and affordable for all. Pivotal.

We brought Arrowsmith programme to NZ (fabulous Friedlander Foundation!) - $15,000 pp, scarce research, For-Profit business. NZ needs own sustainable programme, available to all. We are in partnership with Centre for Brain Research - 300 neuroscientists researching neuroplasticity, brain/neuron regeneration and auditing existing global programmes, now developing NZ's own aggressive programme - available to all schools, no cost, 2017.

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Centre for Brain Research UoA -  Established and fund the Centre for Brain Research, UoA’s cognitive programme, brought Dr David Moreau, Princeton University, to head and develop a significant, cognitive intervention programme for our high-spectrum-need students (ADD, dyslexia etc). Working under the guidance of Eminent Prof. (Sir) Richard Faull and Assoc. Prof Karen Waldie, this programme will be delivered nationwide, free to all NZ children. This programme is currently partnering with 40+ schools, 1,000+ students in research to develop and execute this ground-breaking programme. Children are fMRI scanned before, during and exiting cognitive tasks that alter neurons and regenerate cells, increasing IQ.

This Centre for Brain Research’s programme, to be available to all schools nationwide free-of-charge, is a direct ‘Kiwi - we can do it ourselves’ response to those making significant profits on the back of our most fragile children, schools and families. The cognitive programme arena is a $5b+ pa global for-profit industry, is unregulated and is fraught with fraudulent claims. So many programmes are not evidence-based, most claiming transformational cognitive benefits that cannot be easily challenged and are not financially accessible to our most marginalized - we are designing and delivering our own - heavily researched and at no cost.

Delivering Science and Medicine to Education

Audit on all for-profit educational programmes in New Zealand - established and funded this audit for the benefit of all schools and parents - the global ‘cognitive industry' is a $5b+ pa industry growing exponentially each year, taking $176m pa from NZ schools and families alone.  This global industry was completely unregulated and many false claims of research cannot be challenged as peer-reviews and published works are often only accessible to those in university research. If these published works can be sighted, an academic ‘eye’ is needed as these documents are not easily understood by those not in the scientific arena. Schools and fragile parents were handing over huge amounts of money annually to scams.  Many programmes were proven to be without research or peer reviews and through this audit, are now exposed.

Intensive Revision courses for NCEA, IB and Cambridge students in external exams years. Started in 2010 and for past 7 years delivered at $10 per day per student, from multiple host sites (schools and technical institutions/unis) throughout Auckland, Waikato and Northland. This pivotal support has transformed over 86,000+ students with 1,000+ tutors annually on 5:1 ratio, streamed classes, delivered in July and October holidays.  Most uni tutors are duxes, premier scholars and attending national and international universities.  This programme harnesses our greatest educational resource - captive undergraduates who need work for their 3-5 year at uni, placing them where they of greatest value - in front of our children. 2017 October saw the first roll out of online support, removing the need for students to access host schools and avails all students nationwide of this support, the four websites just this month been collated into one.

Feuerstein – funded and established this Israeli Mediated Teaching programme in NZ in 2014, with special emphasis for our 140,000 Learning Supported children nationwide. Trained 1400 teachers nationwide, directly benefitting 126,000+ children annually nationwide in the first 14 months.

Go-Teach : Teacher support, delivers top undergraduates into school classrooms to plug the nationwide need for STEM teachers.  Many principals have advertised unsuccessfully for years for physics, bio, chemistry and math teachers. Project teams of undergraduates take on full-time teaching positions. Feedback from schools and students - outstanding teaching.

The BrainChanger Conferences - In 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 delivered nationwide free-of-charge conferences at universities of Auckland, Victoria, Canterbury and Otago, to inform parents and schools of the support options available to their learning disabled, gifted and normative children, attended annually by 8,000+ schools/parents nationwide.  The market is full of confusing claims of success, unchecked ‘evidence’; schools needed to hear from those teachers who were implementing - what did the programme look like in the classroom, how did it fit within the curriculum? The portal to deliver this information to all.

Arrowsmith programme – funded and established this programme in NZ in 2012-13, sourcing the Friedlander Foundation to help partner the programme into our low decile schools.  This programme replaces the school curriculum with full-day ‘cognitive lessons’ but has no research, is for-profit and costs $17,000+ pa per child - this lack of educational equity was the motivation to search the globe for a cognitive intervention that did have research, was scalable and affordable to all our children. In the absence of any in the globe, established the Centre for Brain Research’s cognitive programme.

KPMG Cost Analysis

In 2017, 11,500 students nationwide were assessed as Learning Disabled; KPMG was funded to table the costs to schools/government over the 13 years these children were in the education system. The cost of a learning supported child is 1.91 of normative (Cognition, 2009). Over the course of 13 years, this cost equates to half a billion dollars, but if we deliver a significant cognitive programme at years 1 and 2 and place these children to mainstream classes, never to need learning support again, this cost dilutes to just $38m.

I brought Walmart CEO, Greg Foran to NZ – made contact with Greg in 2017 and brought Greg to NZ in 2018 to support Sir Richard Faull’s Centre for Brain Research and to present to our corporate arena. NZ has the lowest corporate social responsibility involvement in the OECD – this is due to lack of due diligence on recipients of funding and the high cost of governance once funds are placed. Sir Richard Faull needs the financial support he deserves, so delivered Greg Foran to the corporate market, with Sir Richard Faull and Sir Ray Avery presenting to the same audience beforehand. Audience significantly embraced both Sir Richard and Sir Ray and I delivered Greg Foran privately to our top companies, TVNZ (Sunday documentary) and also presented to our Retail Assoc. during his 36 hours in the country.

“This is huge, this is the tidal wave and is transformational in education and student outcomes.” - Sir John Graham

One woman, one great passion for the right of every child to an empowered education. “Anne is the Pheidippides you want in your life.  Take her number and put it on speed dial. If ever you find yourself behind bars in a Mexican jail, with only one call allowed, do not phone your solicitor, or your parents. Phone Anne. She’ll get you out. This woman is phenomenal, always delivers.” - John Cameron

Founder’s comment:

“It is the right of every child to an equitable education and the brain is the world’s last frontier - we are only now evidencing the tools to ‘rewire’ our children’s brains and deliver increased IQ.

Our education issues are not just with Ministry of Education, they fall to Ministry of Health, Disabilities, Corrections and Commissioner for Children - the right of every child to an equitable education.  Having all at the same table is the only way forward.

Never before has NZ had the tools to change the pathway in our children’s lives - once in learning support, always in learning support. Now we have the tools to permanently place our 140,000 Learning Impaired children into mainstream classrooms, never to need Learning Support again; to also have our normative and gifted students increase their Working Memory from, say 54 percentile to 81 percentile.

Neuroplasticity into education - this delivers medicine and science into the education arena, long overdue; the ability for the brain to repair, to grow new cells, to regenerate new neurons; the pivotal tools for all our children, gifted, normative and learning supported.

I am currently working with UoA Centre for Brain Research and the Catholic Education Office to deliver a central facility for all children to be assessed under one roof – 4 days of intensive, specialized assessments by multiples of pediatricians, Occupational Therapists, Ed. Psychs., Auditory etc.”

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