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Care for families

  • Care for Families 2020     24 June 2020
    Posted by: Care for families
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    Thank you so much everyone for your ongoing support over the years, to date Care for families has sent thousands of packs right across NZ supporting families with premature and sickly nb babies in NICU as well as supporting families through baby loss and also supporting families with essentials needs particularly as we faced Covid this year.

    We are growing and expanding very quickly and we couldnt do it without your support!!!

    Our next big requirement will be for a new premises as we have well and truly outgrown where we are and my dream os to not only help our charity but to be able to work alongside multiple other charities by finding a space large enough that we can function together in a communal space to be a greater help within the communities of NZ.

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  • 2018, where are we now?     8 February 2018
    Posted by: Care for families
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    A lot has happened in the last few years.

    We have sent out over 800 packs and 3,000 Christmas presents to various organisations and families across NZ and are on track to sending out well over 500 packs just this year!!

    We went quite for a while over 2016 as we introduced our final addition to our family 2 months early and with a few complications but she is doing really well now.

    We were very honoured to receive the kiwibank local hero award end of last year (December 2017).

    We are excited for things to come and have a lot of plans to take the organisation onwards and upwards in the coming years!!

    Make sure to follow us on or at

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  • Where are we now?     24 June 2015
    Posted by: Care for families
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    Since starting we have sent our well over 150 packs, in fact 50 have gone out just since January this year :)

    We are currently getting upwards of about 5 packs a week as well as other packs like our Prem packs that get delivered to the local NICU's.

    We are officially registered with the NZ charitable Trust.

    We are also in the process of doing a big re-launch (by August 2015)

    We have an amazing new volunteer and 2IC Helen :)

    We have a new pack being developed, see keep an eye open for that :)

    We have finally (sorry my fault) applied for our official ird no, which will make us tax approved and will give you the chance to claim back on any donations you make to us. So should be set up by next week (will confirm).

    We have some new sponsors too woohoo!!!

    Lastly for now, but certainly not least I will be setting up a fundraising store page on our website where we will on sell items that can't go in our packs in order to help cover the ongoing funds required for our packs :)

    Thank you everyone for your ongoing support and sooo proud to be able to make so many awesome updates.

    Kindest Regards,

    Chercara Thompson


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