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  • Happy 12th Anniversary Children of the Light     08 August 2017
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    Support, Celebrate & Grow with US!

    Your special anniversary donation will either help us purchase sports equipment, help toward continuing the building of the Learning Centre, or give assistance to pay a teacher so we can provide quality education to more children.

    A small $12 donation will help!

    'every drop in the ocean counts' ~Yoko Ono~

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  • Reading Month Finale!     07 July 2017
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    The month of reading at Children of the Light was fantastic. Special thanks to all who came along to help.

    The grand finale (a banquet), will be held Saturday, 8 July 2017, at our new location.

    We welcome donations for this grand event!

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  • Catch up with Children of the Light (CotL) at their new location!     07 July 2017
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    We held our first classes at the CotL Learning Centre on 20 May 2017. It has been a delight to see and hear the children's excitement as they come to the centre for classes. The journey has been long and we still have a way to go, but what is amazing is that we are finally in our own building. To God be the glory!

    Special thanks to ALL who made this move possible. God bless you!

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  • Quality Education for Everyone - Walkathon     17 May 2017
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    This is the sad truth! - The Ghana 2013 National Education Assessment (NEA) has indicated that for P6, only 9.9% of the pupils reached the NEA definition of proficiency (i.e., achieved greater than or equal to 55% correct) in both maths and English. ~ Ghana 2013 National Education Assessment - Technical Report May 2014 - p. 42 ~

    Your support toward this walk will be greatly appreciated.

    ~ Together we can make a difference ~

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  • Sponsor a child     14 February 2017
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    Children of the Light is a free educational program that aims to bridge the gap with the school system. We provide comprehensive and creative learning opportunities to children in the community. What does this mean, we have a monthly calendar of events where we focus on reading, math, social studies, environmental issues and many other topics for learning. What we have realized, a vast number of these children are not able to read at grade level. We are talking about children as old as 15 that can barely read even though they attend school; these children lack confidence which then escalates the problem. We are asking for sponsorship for these children, you can give NZ$35.00 monthly for 4 months or a one-time payment of NZ$140. With this they receive one-on-one tutorial twice a week for 4 months, a number of learning materials and a healthy snack at each session.

    Please consider helping us empower and change a child’s life for good. Once you decide, we will provide more information about your sponsored child. Thanks!

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  • Christmas Concert     20 December 2016
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    Donate now and help support this event.

    Happy Christmas!

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  • 11K Mountain Walkathon     05 September 2016
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    Saturday, 10 September 2016 - Proceeds to Children of the Light

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  • First Official Program at the CotL Learning Centre     23 July 2016
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    On July 9th, 2016, we celebrated our grand finale for our annual reading month program at the new site. It was amazing; a day the kids will never forget. Thank you to all who have supported us to get this far.

    To have this event at the site we actually transported all items down on the back of a truck and then when it was over transported all back again to our present congested venue. We continue to seek funds to complete the centre and officially move in. Together we can make a difference!

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  • The roof is on the Learning Centre!     31 October 2015
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    We and especially the children of Ghana thank you very much for your support. GOD BLESS YOU!

    Every donation we receive is a great blessing to us. With a completed first structure that being the Learning Centre, additional teaching staff, furniture and electronic equipment it will allow for growth and expansion of all our programs. Our ambition is to empower 500 plus children annually, enhance our literacy program and include the teaching of basic information technology. EVERY DONATION COUNTS!

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