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We've been a trailblazer in the creative arts therapy space in New Zealand since 2013, however our history starts before then – and the research and practice of dance movement therapy dating even further back to the 1940s in the United States of America and Europe.

Dance Therapy New Zealand officially opened its doors as a charity in October 2013. Since then, we've been committed to being the nation’s leading provider of dance movement and arts therapy. Together with our expert team of therapists we have expanded to offer dance movement therapy programmes in Northland, Christchurch, Whanganui, Palmerston North, Wellington and Dunedin.

We’re proud to employ some of the best creative arts therapists going around as we work to empower people of all ages, and in all situations, including those living with disabilities, mental illness, tamariki from low-income neighbourhoods and survivors of sexual abuse.

As the complexities of modern-day life continue to change and evolve, we’re seeing the demand and interest in our services grow.

Our extraordinary organisation has always depended on charitable support. We’re grateful to the individuals and organisations who have seen the value in the service we offer and remain committed to our very special cause. We rely on this support to go above and beyond to provide the best care, expertise, and local facilities for our deserving clients.

This is especially important as we continue to support the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing needs of Kiwis all around the country, and work to ensure our service remains relevant for individuals and communities - now and in the future.

This is why your donations are so important to us. Here's how your donations can help:

- support a child to have dance therapy sessions for six months or longer

- enable an adult to attend a dance therapy programme

- support a group of high needs, at risk students to receive art therapy at school to

prevent violence, bullying and suicide

- purchase art materials or dance movement equipment

- pay for venues for our creative arts therapies for six months

- help cover our operational costs.

More about us

We're a charity empowering people of all ages throughout Aotearoa New Zealand using dance movement and arts therapy. We’re proud to employ some of the best creative arts therapists going around as we work to support people in all situations including those living with disabilities, mental illness, tamariki from low-income neighbourhoods and survivors of sexual trauma.

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Here are a few gems about the transformative nature of our programmes!  26 October 2016

“A man in his 30s with severe autism used to jump out of the Dance 4 Us group and was very resistant to eye contact, staying on the very edge of the group and not talking to anyone. Now not only does he sit in the group and say people’s names, at a recent session he shot out of his chair, took the therapist’s hands and danced with her in front of the group!”

“A 16-year-old boy with ASD and high anxiety who attended the Arts 4 Us Specialty programme has found art to be a ‘go- to’ tool to help soothe himself and decrease his social anxiety. He is now using artmaking to help him manage his anxiety both within and outside the art therapy group, with less incidences of problematic behaviour from him at school.”

“A seven-year-old girl with severe anxiety issues started with one-on-one dance movement therapy sessions, then later joined a STARS programme. She was initially very shy at circle time at school and not able to speak up. After being in STARS for more than a year, she now responds to people when they greet her, has more peer interactions and is even able to stand up and read in front of her class!”

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Latest donations

Laura Walker
Laura Walker on 17 Nov 2023
John on 15 Nov 2023
Sarah on 14 Nov 2023
Thank you team for all your mahi!
Sushanna Shaw
Sushanna Shaw on 22 Sep 2023
Sushanna attends the group session at Takapuna on a Termly basis and when she misses the one in Takapuna, she attends the one in Henderson. She just wanted to donate, as we don't have cash with her, and she would like to contribute.
Laura Walker
Laura Walker on 17 Sep 2023

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