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    Tim asks

    Gidday there,

    My names Tim Kelly and I work with Autism NZ, Destiny Rescue and loads of other charities around Wellington helping them raise funds with the Entertainment Book.

    I’m really impressed with the ingenuity of your fundraising and was wondering if you would like to add another benefit for your supporters.

    The Entertainment Book has over $20,000 worth of value and people love it but they also can’t buy it in shops so in purchasing it they support a charity, school or community organisation.

    Basically we set you up a payment page. We send you an email to forward to your members. They click on a link and you get 20% of every book sold.

    Plus whats even easier is books are given out on consignment which means no cost to you - so no risk whatsoever.

    Why dont we just try sending it out to your members and see what the response is?

    The money will pile up in the background while you focus on other fundraisers. What do you have to lose?

    We only work with a limited amount of groups and there are earlybird specials so its a perfect time to flick out a simple email.

    Let me know and I can come out when you're free and walk you through anything else you need to know.

    Tim Kelly

    on 29 Mar 2017

    • DCM


      Hi Tim - Thanks for this suggestion. We tried this out last year but have decided not to in 2017. We definitely like to give everything a go! Cheers!

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